Tayst: your daily coffee and your daily dose of good


Hive and Tayst have teamed up to bring you the ultimate sustainable coffee for your home. Their beans come from Rainforest Alliance Certified growers, ensuring that they are grown sustainably and that the growers are fairly paid. Their pods are 100% plastic free and 100% compostable, no matter where you compost. And as their name implies, the coffee tastes great. So you don’t have to sacrifice quality while doing something good for the planet. 


Tayst makes it easy to cut down on single-use plastic and still get the convenience of single-serve coffee. 

How to Shop Tayst

First, pick your type based on the way you like to brew your coffee: ground or whole bean, keurig cup, or nespresso pod. 
Then pick your flavor and roast. Tayst offers light, medium and dark roasts, flavored roasts like Hazelnut and Decaf/half caff options too. 
We recommend subscribing so you never run out. 

Pick Your Coffee Type

Choose from keurig pods, nespresso pods, or whole and ground bean coffee. No matter the type of coffee drinker you are, Tayst has you covered. 

Choose Your Roast

Tayst's flavor profiles keep us coming back for more. Whether we're in the mood for something bold, nutty, fruity or sweet, or just need a little decaf to end the night, we know we're in for a great cup of coffee. 

About Tayst

No need to guess how your coffee is grown, where it comes from or if it will end up in the landfill. Our experts vet every product for ingredient integrity, responsible sourcing, and great taste using our own criteria called the Hive Five. Tayst is a Goldie brand, earring a 5/5 Hive Five Score. 

Traditional single-use coffee pods are made of plastic and can't be recycled. Enter Tayst. Tayst uses only compostable or biodegradable materials to make pods that work well and can be composted - whether at home or industrially. But they didn't stop there. When it comes to coffee, the most important piece is sourcing - ensuring that the coffee is grown sustainably and that the labor is treated fairly as most coffee beans are grown outside of the United States. Tayst only works with Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee growers, so you can trust that their beans are a sustainable choice. 

Gift Tayst

Want to share the Tayst love? Send a starter kit as a gift and spread the gospel of better-for-the-world coffee and compostable pods.