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How do I activate my membership?

To get started, you need to create your first membership order - which is the foundation for your monthly autoship box. Simply shop the site and add the products you're most excited to try or use at home using the subscribe option on the product page. We recommend checking out Hive Team Picks to get started.

How do the credits work?

You'll receive $10 in Hive credit each month for the duration of your annual membership. These credits will be delivered on the first of the month the month after you become a Paid Member and apply to autoship orders only. So if you become a Paid Member in February, you'll get your first credit March 1. Your credits expire on the last day of the month and do not carry over.

How will my autoship box work?

Your autoship box is completely flexible. We'll notify you 3 days before it is set to ship. You can skip, add, subtract and remove items as much as you'd like. Your order must be at least $35 to ship.

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