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Apple and Pear Cider Hot Vinegar

American Vinegar Works

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Apple and Pear Cider Hot Vinegar

American Vinegar Works

Apples and pears ferment together with a mix of spicy peppers to give this vinegar a serious heat. Mark our words: a cider this special doesn't come around often.

Sustainable goodness

American Vinegar Works partners with local breweries and California wineries to lower their carbon footprint. They also use glass bottles that can be recycled over and over.

  • Vegan

8.5 oz

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Why we love it

We've seen a lot of specialty food items over the years, but this one? It's one of those rare gems. American Vinegar Works crafts the vinegar in small batches, co-fermenting local apple and pear cider with a mix of fruit, spices, and peppers. It's sweet with a smoky bacon flavor on the front end and pure heat on the finish. Use it in your dressing and marinades or add a bit to your whiskey cocktail. American Vinegar Works says it goes with anything but your breakfast cereal.


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How it does good

Sourcing locally, thinking globally

American Vinegar Works crafts small batch vinegar using ingredients from local Massachusetts breweries or California vineyards. By partnering with U.S.-based vendors, they're able to lower their carbon footprint without compromising on flavor. They also opt to package their vinegar in glass bottles rather than plastic ones, which means they can be recycled endlessly.

  • recyclable packaging

    Glass bottles are recyclable and the plastic pour top can be sent to TerraCycle.
  • responsible sourcing

    American Vinegar sources their beer-based vinegars from local Massachusetts breweries and their wine vinegars from California vineyards.
  • low carbon footprint

    All ingredients are sourced locally or from U.S. vendors. This way, American Vinegar Works can reduce their carbon footprint.

How to use it

From marinades to whiskey cocktails, we can't get enough of this sweet, spicy elixir that's goes in virtually anything.

When you're done...

Glass bottles can be recycled in your cubside bin and the plastic lid can recycled through TerraCycle.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand

American Vinegar Works

American Vinegar Works

American Vinegar Works shows what a thoughtfully made vinegar should be. Modern vinegar production cuts quality and adds unwanted ingredients, leaving a mass produced product you don’t want in your kitchen. Their production and ingredient selection takes more time and effort, but the results are brilliant.
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