Orange Blossom Honey

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Apis Mercantile Orange Blossom Honey
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Orange Blossom Honey

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An artisanal honey that delicately balances both floral and citrus flavors, thanks to hardworking bees that use orange blossoms as their single nectar source. Bless the beehive.
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This honey is a single varietal honey, which is a fancy way of saying the honeybees have collected nectar from one main source. In this case, it's orange blossoms, and since there's such a high concentration from a single source, this honey has a distinct floral finish and a hint of citrus. It's delicious drizzled onto warm biscuits or toast, or whipped into a honey butter and spread over English muffins.

Apis Mercantile partners directly with beekeepers and small-scale apiaries to source their honey, supporting sustainable beekeeping practices and giving beekeepers greater control over their prices.

Good news! Separate the glass jar and metal lid and recycle both in a curbside bin.
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How it does good

Supporting small apiaries worldwide

Traditionally, larger honey companies work with food brokers to secure a stable (and cheap) supply chain of honey. This means that beekeepers don't have a lot of control over the price they get, or the quality of the final product. Apis Mercantile does things differently by working directly with beekeepers, which increases the money that goes to the beekeepers, and also ensures that the honey meets Apis's high standards. They partner with small apiaries all over the world to source the best and most interesting honey varietals out there.