Cacao & Quinoa Crispy Chocolate Bites


Cacao & Quinoa Crispy Chocolate Bites



Cacao & Quinoa Crispy Chocolate Bites


Cacao and quinoa. Fun to say, even more fun to eat. Made with organic quinoa and without refined sugar, these chocolate bites bring all the simple goodness of cacao.

Sustainable goodness

Candid uses the whole cacao pod to let chocolate's full flavor shine, instead of relying on refined sugars and junk ingredients.

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

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Why we love it

Delightfully crispy. Subtly sweet. An ingredient list with only six items that you can actually pronounce. These cacao and quinoa bites don't need a lot of fancy stuff to make an impression. Just simple, organic ingredients that let the chocolate flavor really come through. We love them as a topper for granola, or mixed into banana bread.


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How it does good

Giving chocolate a total makeover

Many chocolates come with added sugars, emulsifiers, and other weird ingredients. Candid strips all that away and uses the whole cacao pod instead. That means seed, fruit, and even the leftover pulp, which they mix back in for all its magnesium, vitamins, and antioxidants. By using the whole pod, the chocolate can really speak for itself. After all, it's got a lot to say.

  • responsible sourcing

    Candid partners with smallholder farmers and indigenous communities to source fresh cacao beans. Farmers benefit from technical assistance, monthly training programs, and fair prices.
  • recyclable packaging

    Candid is committed to using sustainable packaging. Not only is the box a perfect snacking size, it's recyclable too, and the inner bag is compostable.
  • low carbon footprint

    Candid works with farmers who practice regenerative agroforestry, which means their farming practices replenish soil, sequester carbon, and help the ecosystem.

How to use it

Mix into a bowl of oatmeal for a little chocolatey crunch.

When you're done...

Good news! The box is curbside recyclable, and the inner bag is home or industrially compostable.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand



Candid makes cacao crunch bites for the modern snacker. Their snacks are ethically sourced, sustainably grown, and made without the emulsifiers and refined sugars that are often used in chocolates. They also use the whole cacao pod, including leftover pulp, in their snacks, setting new standards for upcycled food.
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