Spirulina Dailies Dog Treats

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Spirulina Dailies Dog Treats


Hive Pick

Spirulina Dailies Dog Treats


Dog treats—without the meat. Imagine that! This bag of snacks is made with planet-friendly spirulina, which is high in protein and antioxidants to keep your pooch healthy.

Sustainable goodness

Clean protein made from ethically-sourced, planet-friendly ingredients. Cue the doggy drool.

  • Vegan

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Why we love it

You try to choose healthy foods and care for our planet. But do you do the same thing when choosing your dog's treats? Now's your chance. This environmentally-conscious snack pack from Chippin is made with antioxidant-rich ingredients like kale, flaxseed, carrots, and spirulina: a protein that absorbs CO2 rather than emitting it. Pretty neat, right? And while it's a meat-free alternative, your pup won't know the difference. They'll pull out all the tricks for just a nibble.


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How it does good

Planet-friendly protein to fuel your furry friend

Pet food is packed with "mysterious" ingredients like animal byproducts and GMO soy. Instead of using these cheap, filler ingredients Chippin opts for high quality, clean proteins that are healthier for your dog. They work directly with American farmers to source crickets, vegan spirulina, and silver carp, an overpopulated fish that threatens a balanced ecosytem. Every step of the way, Chippin considers both your dog and our planet. You can trust that your purchase is a more sustainable choice.

  • low carbon footprint

    What makes a pet food better for the planet? Look at its protein. Livestock has a high carbon footprint and uses excessive water to produce. That's why Chippin never uses chicken, beef, or pork in their dog food. They source sustainable crickets instead, which only need one gallon of water per pound of crickets to produce. Chippin also uses spirulina, which has 55% more protein than beef and aborbs CO2 rather than emitting it.
  • supporting key causes

    Chippin donates part of their proceeds to animal shelters—locally and nationally—as well as to several climate justice organizations.
  • responsible sourcing

    Rather than using proteins that contribute to our rapidly-warming earth, Chippin uses low-impact, responsibly-farmed crickets and spirulina—both of which lower Chippin's overall carbon emissions. Spirulina even absorbs C02, which means they have a negative carbon footprint (pretty cool, huh?).

How to use it

Open the bag and your pup will do just about anything (handshake, roll over, spin around) for one of these.

When you're done...

Recycle the pouch through TerraCycle by following our special instructions.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand



Chippin is a small women-owned business on a mission to nourish dogs with high quality foods that help "chip in" to reduce the carbon pawprint. Made with a curated, science-backed selection of all natural ingredients and cricket, spirulina and silver carp proteins, Chippin’s pet food and snacks are nutrition powered by planet-friendly proteins that use 80%+ fewer resources.
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