Cacao Marine Collagen

Cacao Marine Collagen

Cofo Provisions

Cacao Marine Collagen

Cofo Provisions

Triple Cs at your service. A superpowder of collagen, vitamin C, and chocolate, you could call this is the triple threat of supplements.

Sustainable goodness

Cofo Provisions' high quality collagen ingredients are all sustainably sourced, and they donate to organizations reconnecting people with nature and sending food to low-income families.

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Why we love it

Chocolate can do no wrong. Now it's teamed up with two major players in keeping you feeling your best. Marine collagen rebuilds skin elasticity and helps your joints, muscles, and bones recover and heal. The vitamin C from organic camu camu increases your cells' absorption of collagen, helping you retain as much goodness as you can. And there's no room for processed sugar here, the rich chocolate flavor is thanks to organic, fair trade Peruvian cacao.


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How it does good

Channeling nature's superpowers

Collagen is a highly sought after supplement for its amazing benefits like glowing skin, but not all types of collagen are created equal in terms of sustainability. Many collagen supplements are sourced from animals or fish through questionable practices. Cattle are often raised under inhumane living conditions and fish can be overfished. Cofo Provisions produces their superpowders with marine collagen from non-GMO, sustainably-sourced Alaskan wild-caught fish (pollock and cod).

  • responsible sourcing

    Cofo Provisions sources collagen from Alaskan wild-caught fish processed in a Marine Stewardship Council-approved facility. It’s traceable and each batch is tested for metals and toxins to ensure quality. Their camu camu is also wild-harvested and they source their lemon flavor from lemons grown in the USA (Florida and California).
  • supporting key causes

    Cofo Provisions donates time and money to numerous groups including Leave No Trace, Colorado Emergency Food Association, and Boulder Open Space. They also donate 1% of their quarterly sales to communities that build urban nature areas, support regenerative agriculture, and increase accessibility of clean, sustainably-sourced food for all incomes.

How to use it

Add this superpowder to your milk of choice for hot or cold chocolate, to smoothies, or even bake with it!

When you're done...

Recycle the bag through TerraCycle.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand

Cofo Provisions

Cofo Provisions

Led by a diverse team of outdoor enthusiasts, parents, and real-food nutritionists, Cofo Provisions was born out of a passion for staying active and nourishing the body. 

Founder and CCO Celestia Howe was looking for sustainably-sourced protein to stay energized while juggling long work hours, staying active outdoors, and taking care of her daughter as a single mom. Having Celiacs disease, she found that her moods were correlated to the foods she ate and she set out to create a natural boost that keeps you performing your best. Today, Cofo Provisions makes marine collagen superpowders, made with high quality ingredients like wild-caught Alaskan fish, that get you moving and fueled without the toxins.

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