Eco-Friendly Baby Training Pants

Ecoriginals Eco-Friendly Baby Training Pants

Eco-Friendly Baby Training Pants

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Potty training just got a whole lot more sustainable. Made with biodegradable materials and free of irritants, these plant-based training pants keep your toddler drier and more comfortable.
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Made with Ecoriginals' unique Plantcell Technology™, these training pants have 12-hour wetness protection and deliver 40% greater absorbency than standard disposable diapers. They're thoughtfully designed with plant-based layers that are breathable and free of phthalates, fragrances, and bleach. Which means they're kinder to the planet, and your baby's skin. Win-win.

Ecoriginals offer biodegradable diapers and baby wipes, so that parents can opt for disposable diapers that are friendlier towards the environment.
Wood Pulp: Sustainably sourced wood pulp is a vital component of our plant-based absorbent core, which draws moisture into a soft, breathable center. Pure Cotton: Unbleached pure cotton layers deliver flexibility, and strength, providing the structure and shape of our premium diapers. Our cotton waistband ensures a comfortable fit, and soft leg cuff ensure a comfortable fit for little legs. Tissue Paper: Layers of tissue paper wrap our key absorbent components to keep them together in a natural shell, and lock wetness away to maintain up to 12-hours of dryness. Corn Starch: Starch-based films are our all-natural, water-resistant alternative to plastics or “blended” layers. 100% compostable and gentle on delicate skin. Super absorbent polymers: Our high-quality absorbent polymers are another powerhouse in the absorbency of our non-toxic diapers. And as an added benefit they are a great compost additive. Spandex: a small amount of lycra is incorporated in our design. Ensuring a perfect fit to eliminate leaks and spills. Polypropylene: has been minimized whilst we still need it for strength and flexibility. Delivering a dependable, eco nappy.

The outer bag is home compostable. The diapers go in the trash, but don't worry, the plant-based material breaks down faster than a synthetic diaper.
These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

Hive Five™ Certified

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How it does good

Designing a cleaner diaper

Standard disposable diapers with plastic or blended layers can contribute a lot of discarded plastic into landfills. Each layer in Ecoriginals' diapers is made with plant-based materials, making it a greener choice for parents. By using biodegradable materials and committing to designing out waste, Ecoriginals can work towards offsetting their environmental impact.

  • Forest Stewardship Council Certification