Vegan Grain-Free Garlic Basil Pretzels


Vegan Grain-Free Garlic Basil Pretzels

FitJoy Foods


Vegan Grain-Free Garlic Basil Pretzels

FitJoy Foods

Mamma mia. Here's a snack with all the joy of Italian food and none of the allergens. Delightfully crunchy and perfectly seasoned, it'll take you back to your favorite trattoria in no time.

Sustainable goodness

FitJoy snacks are grain-free, certified gluten-free, allergen-friendly, and always vegan.

  • Gluten Free
  • Kof-K Kosher Supervision Certified
  • Vegan

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Why we love it

Like any good Italian recipe, these pretzels are all about the flavors and not much else. Even gluten and grain. Deliciously garlicky, with the fresh hint of basil, the balance of flavors come through in every crunch. They go great crumbled over a salad, dipped into hummus, or enjoyed on their own.


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How it does good

Celebrating grain-free goodness

Many grain-free protein bars on the market don't offer real ingredients or quality nutrition. FitJoy strives to upgrade the average grocery store shelf by creating delicious grain-free snacks. All their products are certified gluten-free and vegan, making joyful snacks that are fit for all.

  • responsible sourcing

    FitJoy pretzels are developed with ingredients that are free from the top 9 allergens. They carefully craft their recipes to make sure they're safe to eat, and develop products to get rid of hidden grains found in seasonings, flavors, and yeast.
  • supporting key causes

    FitJoy Foods partners with the GiveJoy Foundation to help children in need to eat nutritious food and stay active. They donate a portion of proceeds from every FitJoy item to help feed underprivileged children, and contribute snacks to GiveJoy Foundation's After School Snack Program.
  • Certified Non-GMO

How to use it

Add into a salad with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and lettuce. Toss in good olive oil and a sprinkling of salt.

When you're done...

The packaging is recyclable through TerraCycle by following our special instructions.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand

FitJoy Foods

FitJoy Foods

FitJoy is on a mission to foster joyful snacking, fit for all. When founder Doss Cunningham was diagnosed with celiac disease and a sensitivity to artificial sweeteners, he struggled to find grain-free snack alternatives. So he began developing a line of grain-free protein bars with real ingredients and quality nutrition he couldn't find on the market. Now, FitJoy creates allergen-friendly and gluten-free snacks that are safe to eat and taste delicious.
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