Recycled Plastic & Cellulose Scrubber Sponges - Set of Three

Recycled Plastic & Cellulose Scrubber Sponges - Set of Three

Full Circle

Recycled Plastic & Cellulose Scrubber Sponges - Set of Three

Full Circle

It seems like the best dinners are the messiest, and the funnest projects are the stickiest. But you can get as messy and sticky as you want with this adorable yellow super scrubber to clean up after you.

Sustainable goodness

Full Circle’s functional designs use responsible materials to shrink waste and chemicals, and grow their products’ lifespans.

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Why we love it

These cellulose-based sponges don’t live in a pineapple under the sea, and, boy, are we glad they’re up here with us. With an easily-grippable shape and an abrasive side made from recycled plastic bottles for both sustainability and durability, each set packs a triple punch of triclosan-free grime-fighters, ready to get the job done. Go ahead. Make a mess.


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How it does good

Long-lasting products for a long-lasting earth

From single-use bags to scrubbers that are sold as reusable but can’t stand up to dirt, non-recyclable products with short lifespans are made to end up in landfills. Meanwhile, ingredients like triclosan, common in soaps and sponges, are registered with the EPA as literal pesticides. Clearly, cleaning products aren’t all that clean. That’s where Full Circle comes in. Their products say goodbye to coatings, dyes, plastics, and chemicals, and hello to durable designs that actually last. By choosing plant-based and alternative materials, they keep chemicals out and limit their carbon footprint.

  • low carbon footprint

    Full Circle is committed to using renewable materials that can be made without a lot of energy. By sourcing from the same locations where they base their factories, they cut down on transport. They help customers curb their carbon footprints with long-lasting products that are replacable, compostable, and recyclable.
  • responsible sourcing

    As a B-Corp, Full Circle meets the highest standards of transparency. They select producers and manufacturers that follow sustainable, economical, and eco-friendly practices, and they make an effort to oversee each part of their products' lifecycles, from loofah farms to distribution.
  • supporting key causes

    On top of everything they’re doing in their own company, they have an eye on charity as well, donating to community-owned clean water initiatives in developing nations.
  • Certified B Corp

How to use it

To clean, either pop it in the dishwasher, or wet it, then microwave it for a minute on high.

When you're done...

The plastic wrapper can be recycled through TerraCycle by following our special instructions. The soft cellulose side of the sponge is home compostable, while the recycled-plastic abrasive is curbside recyclable.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand

Full Circle

Full Circle

Full Circle is committed to the preserving the health of the environment for this and future generations. They use a manufacturing process specifically designed to preserve resources and reduce waste while creating long lasting products from safe materials.
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