Golden Turmeric Wrapped Cashews

2 reviews

Golden Turmeric Wrapped Cashews

2 reviews

Karma Nuts

Golden Turmeric Wrapped Cashews

2 reviews

Karma Nuts

Golden turmeric cashews just sound special. Go ahead, say it. Golden. Turmeric. Cashews. Our mouths are watering already.

Sustainable goodness

Karma Nuts can trace their supply lines all the way back to the seeds that start their nuts. Plus they do regular SMETA Four Pillar audits to ensure their sourcing remains responsible.

  • Orthodox Union Kosher Certified Kosher

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Why we love it

With the skin on, there's an extra bit of flaky crunch added to these cashews. Turmeric brings an earthy flavor with pepper and lime acting as the backup taste. They're definitely in the mix, but they're also letting turmeric steal the show. Biting through a nice crunchy skin and finding a smooth, rich cashew is like finding the treasure at the end of a maze.


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How it does good

Using the family business for good

Globally, cashews pose a high risk for farmers in terms of ethical payment and sustainable practices. Karma Nuts' founder, Ganesh Nair, made the decision to change the cashew game entirely. He used his family's 85+ years in the cashew business combined with his own speciality in health and science to create a traceable, healthful choice for cashew lovers. Karma Nuts are unique in a two specific ways. First, they're air-roasted instead of oil-fried. And second, they still have the skin on. Using a special, proprietary process, Karma Nuts is able to separate their cashews, skin and all, from the shell. Then, they're air-roasted for an extra crunch and nutrition.

  • responsible sourcing

    Karma sources their cashews from traceable suppliers. Their audits for ethical and sustainable practices that actively fight against forced labor. These audits also include an analysis of raw material, ingredients, and primary packing material every 3 months.
  • supporting key causes

    Karma donates 10% of profits or 1% of sales (whichever is more) to charities that support the health and well-being of children. That includes Baby2Baby, an organization that supported 25 million families in need during the pandemic.
  • recyclable packaging

    In addition to using recyclable jars, Kara is also committed to recycling the materials used in their factory in India.
  • Certified Non-GMO

How to use it

Savory cashews like these make a natural addition to a rich and hearty homemade trail mix.

When you're done...

The jar is curbside recyclable, and the freshness seal is recyclable through TerraCycle by following our special instructions.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand

Karma Nuts

Karma Nuts

Karma Nuts was founded by Ganesh Nair, who married his Masters in Health Science & Technology from MIT and 10+ years of diabetes care work with his family's deep legacy in the cashew business. Ganesh saw an opportunity to develop an alternative to the less than healthy oil-fried cashews that were normally seen on supermarket shelves. In 2014 Karma Nuts introduced a line of minimally processed cashews by leveraging the family's 85+ years of experience in the cashew business. The mission of Karma Nuts is simple - put goodness into the world whenever you can.
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Karma Nuts
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Tony S.
United States United States

Reading the ayurvedic health benefits of turmeric, I'm trying to find creative ways to add it to my diet. These crunchy, skin on cashews are the perfect vehicle to achieve this.

Rickard W.
United States United States
Great, unique and healthy snack

I work on Hive assortment, and we've sampled a lot of nuts sourcing the products for folks. It's been fun and these Karma Nuts were a big hit. Turmeric is a superfood and it adds a subtle flavor to these skin-on cashews. I'd never seen skin-on cashews and they provide a unique crisp texture to the first bite. I love 'em! Try the Cocoa version for a sweeter take.