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Lavender Cleaning Kit

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Lavender Cleaning Kit

Keeping things clean should go for your home, your products, and the environment, too. Our sustainable cleaning starter kit brings together toxin-free, effective cleaners with a soft, lavender scent.

Sustainable goodness

With non-toxic, cruelty-free cleaners that still do the job, you can confidently clean everything in the kitchen sink and more.


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What's included

Why we love it

Take a deep, calming breath and take note of the scent of lavender filling the air. It's not a candle or a new perfume, it's your pet, planet, and people friendly kitchen cleaning set. With soothing smells and hard-working, toxin-free ingredients, cleaning day will never be the same. Good-bye "choredom" and hello happy place.


See the individual product pages for allergen and ingredient details.


Hive orders take 24 hours to process and ship via ground shipping.

How it does good

  • supporting key causes

    These brands are dedicated protecting animals and the environment. Both Squeak and Meliora are members of 1% for the Planet. And Better Life donates to animal shelters. Their parent company even established a pet foundation that supports adoption efforts.
  • recyclable packaging

    While most cleaning products are packaged in plastic, these brands have made efforts to improve the recyclability and compostability of their packaging. Plus any spray nozzles or hard caps can go to TerraCycle through our partnership.
  • responsible sourcing

    This whole kit uses fully transparent, cruelty-free, non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients. And a lot of those ingredients are sourced domestically, like the sustainably-sourced wood pulp used in Sqwishful's sponges and the baking soda in Meliora's Cleaning Scrub.
  • low carbon footprint

    Better Life uses a solar powered manufacturing facility, and Sqwishful's sponges are compacted before shipping to lessen their carbon emissions.
  • Leaping Bunny Certification

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About the Brands

Meet the people who make cleaning cleaner

Meet the people who make cleaning cleaner

Unlike conventional sponges, Sqwishful sponges are plant-based and plastic-free. They work with suppliers who recycle sponge waste, use hydroelectric power, and plant trees to offset carbon.

Full Circle is committed to the preserving the health of the environment for present and future generations.

Inspired by the strength of his beloved grandmother and his desire to protect the health of his family, Aunt Fannie's founder, Mat, set out on a journey to find a better, safer way to clean our homes.

Squeak started small. Jayna was blogging and making videos about her safer cleaning products when requests for her products started rolling in.

Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs decided the world needed a new line of cleaning products that they could use around their toddlers, and so they founded Better Life.

Kate first asked the question of “what’s in our cleaning products” when she was at school studying Environmental Engineering. After that, Meliora was born.