Peanut Butter Covered Vine-Dried Grapes

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Life's Grape Peanut Butter Covered Vine-Dried Grapes
1 review

Peanut Butter Covered Vine-Dried Grapes

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Nothing more nostalgic than a PB&J. And with these juicy vine-dried grapes, dipped in creamy peanut butter, you can feel like a kid again with every bite.
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  • Gluten Free
  • Orthodox Union Kosher Certified Kosher

Peanut butter and raisin? Now this is a pair we can get behind. Deliciously fresh, these delightful morsels strike the perfect flavor balance with juicy grape goodness and rich, creamy nuttiness. Try them mixed into your oatmeal, or enjoy them straight out of the bag whenever you need a tasty treat.

Founded by a mother-daughter duo, Life's Grape brings you fruit snacks made with real, whole fruit straight from their vineyards. Their vine-dried grapes are always non-GMO and preservative-free.
Peanut butter flavored coating (cane sugar, RSPO certified palm oil, partially defatted peanut flour, nonfat dry milk, peanut oil, salt, soy lecithin), raisins, organic peanut flour, sea salt, RSPO certified palm oil.


Contains milk and soy and processed on equipment that also processes wheat, peanuts and tree nuts

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How it does good

Raisin' the bar for something better

Get ready for some grape knowledge. Traditional raisins are made by drying Thomas Seedless grapes on the ground in direct sunlight, which forms a hard, caramelized raisin. Life's Grape does things differently. First, they grow the Selma Pete grape varietal, which requires less water. The grapes are gently dried on the vine under the shade of the canopy. The result? A juicier, sweeter, plumper snack that you'll fall in love with.