Vindaloo Simmer Sauce

6 reviews
Masala Mama Vindaloo Simmer Sauce
6 reviews

Vindaloo Simmer Sauce

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Literally mouthwatering and the kind of flavor that bites back, vindaloo's the perfect antidote to a stressful week or whenever you crave comfort food with kick and tang.

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  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

The idea of successfully making an Indian grandmother-approved dinner can be daunting, but Masala Mama makes replicating those complex flavors as easy as tearing into a fresh plate of naan. We hear spicy, we hit "Add to Bag." There's the kind of spicy that just plain hurts but we love this Vindaloo sauce because it's spicy with depth. Layers, people!

Masala Mama only uses fresh ingredients, and is a proud supporter of programs inspiring kids to form healthy relationships with food.
Onion, Tomato, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Ginger, Dates, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spices, Salt, Paprika, Turmeric, Mustard, Citrus Fiber, Garam Masala. Contains Mustard. View Nutrition Facts

Good news! Once rinsed and separated, the jar and lid are 100% curbside recyclable.
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How it does good

Nurturing the next generation of eaters

Too many public school students in New York City aren’t getting the food they need to grow and succeed in their education. Founded on the significance and deep value of gathering around the table, Masala Mama proudly supports organizations who inspire and educate around cooking at home with our littlest eaters.