Pickles Under The Ginfluence Rosemary, Jalapeño & Gin Pickles

10 reviews
Pacific Pickle Works Pickles Under The Ginfluence Rosemary, Jalapeño & Gin Pickles
10 reviews

Pickles Under The Ginfluence Rosemary, Jalapeño & Gin Pickles

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These lip-smacking pickle chips are swimming in a cocktail of piney gin, citrusy rosemary, and earthy jalapeño. The brine is so good, our favorite bar is asking for tips. And the pickles themselves? Wow.

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  • Earth Kosher Certified
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

“Pickling” is an almost timeless process, with pickled cucumbers first appearing in India in 2030 BC. From sugary to spicy, a lot’s been tried and perfected in the time since, but these smooth, gin-infused pickle chips, with a fresh bite of rosemary and a delicious crunch are what we’d call a tastemaker.

Pacific Pickle Works' pickle-making started out as a hobby, and they're staying true to their origins without preservatives or GMOs.
Cucumber, Water, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Jalapeño Pepper, Sea Salt, Organic Raw Sugar, Gin, Fresh Dill, Fresh Rosemary, Juniper Berries, Spices View Nutrition Facts

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How it does good

Leading by example, one crunch at a time

Pacific Pickle Works loves pickles. While that’s not surprising for a leader in clean-label pickle-making, it’s what inspires them to focus on making the best pickled products without unnecessary ingredients. They started by making pickled holiday gifts, and have stayed true to their homemade history by hand-packing their products at their Santa Barbara factory. They traceably source veggies from farms free from GMOs, and they’re all about supporting their California community, working with fellow businesses for sustainable, clean-ingredient solutions and standing by people damaged by wildfires. Free from preservatives and artificial ingredients, PPW is showing the rest of the pickle industry how it's done.