Cranberry Hazelnut Crisp

Cranberry Hazelnut Crisp

Potter's Crackers

Cranberry Hazelnut Crisp

Potter's Crackers

Tart cranberries and crunchy hazelnuts are baked right into these airy, crispy crackers. These are great on their own, or pair well with a good goat cheese.

Sustainable goodness

These homemade crackers are packaged with 100% post consumer material and recycled paper.

  • Certified USDA Organic

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Why we love it

We love biting into a good crisp and finding extra good things baked right into it. The sweet-meets-tart cranberry bits give a mild fruit flavor to this otherwise nutty cracker. We suggest a little spread of goat cheese or a spoonful of a mascarpone. We also suggest getting an extra pack (they come in a pretty cute basket) if you're planning to share.



Wheat, Milk, Hazelnuts


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How it does good

Bringing traceable ingredients closer to home

Sometimes there's a lack of transparency when it comes to wheat, grain, and other farming practices. Transparency and traceability matter because they help ensure the quality, sustainability, and fairness of a production process. Which is the exact stuff that makes Potter's Crackers a cut above the standard cracker. They source their wheat, milk, and butter from small farms and family farmers, instead of bigger industrial set ups. In addition to responsible sourcing, they count on minimal plastic and maximum recyclability for their packaging.

  • responsible sourcing

    The wheat, milk, and butter used in these crackers is sourced directly from local Wisconsin farmers.
  • recyclable packaging

    Potter's Crackers use post-consumer material for their baskets and recycled paper for their boxes.
  • supporting key causes

    Potter's partners with local groups in Madison, WI to employ individuals with disabilities, high school students, and otherwise under-employed workers.

How to use it

Add some cheese or simply snack on the cracker itself

When you're done...

The paper wrap and wood tray are curbside recyclable. Recycle the clear cello bag through TerraCycle by following our special instructions.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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