Recycled Toilet Paper Roll

Who Gives a Crap

Recycled Toilet Paper Roll

Who Gives a Crap

Apologies up front for all the potty talk, but even your butt can do its part to help the planet. Made from 100% recycled fibers, this soft, 3 ply toilet paper helps reduce deforestation with every wipe.

Sustainable goodness

Who Gives a Crap takes the toilet paper industry head on by offering forest-friendly alternatives. They also donate 50% of their profits towards building toilets and sanitation devices in developing countries.


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Why we love it

Ditch your typical TP from the supermarket and go for this recycled option, which offers 400 sheets per 3 ply roll. It's soft, absorbent, and durable, and comes in super cute packaging (always a nice touch). The best part? A portion of your purchase will go directly to Who Gives a Crap's charity partners who work in water, hygiene and sanitation. And FYI, the packaging in your order may vary, but don't worry, it's still the same TP.


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Hive orders generally take up to 48 business hours to process and ship via ground shipping.

How it does good

Toilet paper that protects the trees

Every day, 27,000 trees are cut down just to make regular paper, which is a big waste. And who gives a crap? These guys, that's who. Cutting down trees is a big no-no for the crew at Who Gives a Crap, which is why they offer a more sustainable solution. Their forest-friendly products are made from recycled paper or bamboo, saving virgin trees from being destroyed in the process.

  • responsible sourcing

    Who Gives a Crap's bamboo toilet paper is sourced from farmers who plant bamboo on the borders of their small family farms. This means that no big areas of land are cleared or deforested, and helps supplement the family farmers' incomes. Meanwhile, the recycled rolls are made from BPA-free recycled paper, like old paper from offices and schools.
  • recyclable packaging

    Instead of plastic, the rolls are wrapped in paper to keep them moisture-free and hygienic. They're wrapped individually in thin, recycled tissue paper, rather than in big packs with a heavier duty paper, since the amount used is effectively the same.
  • low carbon footprint

    All of their shipping is carbon neutral, and they pay for carbon offsets so that there's no net carbon emissions into the atmosphere. They've teamed up with Pachama to protect old growth rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon. This project protects over 290,000 hectares of Peruvian tropical forest and will prevent 14.5 million tons of CO2 emissions.
  • supporting key causes

    Who Gives a Crap donates 50% of their profits to ensure that everyone has access to clean water and a toilet within our lifetime. They work with high-impact organizations to help them take a localized approach towards the sanitation crisis. These nonprofits include Water For People, Splash, and WaterAid.
  • Certified B Corp
  • BPA Free

How to use it

Um... yeah, you probably know what to do here.

When you're done...

Good news! The paper packaging is 100% curbside recyclable.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

About the Brand

Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives a Crap is a social enterprise that delivers beautifully packaged toilet paper, made with forest-friendly materials like bamboo or recycled grade A office paper. They were officially launched when their co-founder, Simon, kicked off a crowd-funding campaign and live-streamed sitting on a toilet until they raised their first $50k. Many hilarious hours later, they were in business. Every purchase goes towards improving sanitation in developing countries, with a big goal of providing access to toilets to everyone by the year 2050.
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