Aged Sharp Cheddar With Parmesan And Bleu Cheese SuperGrain+ Puffs

Aged Sharp Cheddar With Parmesan And Bleu Cheese SuperGrain+ Puffs


Aged Sharp Cheddar With Parmesan And Bleu Cheese SuperGrain+ Puffs


How cheesy is too cheesy? Trick question. When it comes to cheese puff snacks, they can never be too cheesy. Especially when they're made with sharp cheddar and extra delicious grains, like these.

Sustainable goodness

ReGrained rescues the grains left behind during the beer brewing process and upcycles them into these delicious puffs.

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Why we love it

There's nothing we don't love about this cheese puff from ReGrained. Honestly, we don't even think the term "cheese puff" does this snack justice. It's more like a sharp, tangy, cheesy, puffy burst of flavor. It's good to the very last flavor dust drop.


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Gluten, Dairy


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How it does good

A mission to save every grain

Food and drink production causes waste. Some might think it's unavoidable, but the founders at ReGrained saw it as usable. After discovering just how much nutrient-rich grain was left behind during the beer brewing process, the people at ReGrained decided to upcycle it. Their mission was to rescue left-behind grains everywhere and elevate them to hero status as Super Grains, an important ingredient in their products.

  • responsible sourcing

    By upcycling grains, ReGrained is actively fighting against food waste. They're able to increase the sustainability of their processes using rescued grains.
  • supporting key causes

    ReGrained works with organizations that fight against food waste, work on enviornmental conservation measures, and advocate for better food practices.
  • low carbon footprint

    The company is currently in the process of becoming carbon neutral certified.
  • Certified B Corp
  • One Percent Certification

How to use it

Munch down to the very last crumb, and you'll pretty much be a food waste hero.

When you're done...

Recycle the whole thing through TerraCycle by following our special instructions.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand



Co-founders Dan + Jordan have used their patented process to upcycle beer brewers’ “spent” grain into delicious snacks. They call this grain SuperGrain+ and it’s full of protein, prebiotic fiber and micronutrients. Our favorites included Aged Cheddar with Parmesan and Bleu Cheese, Texas BBQ and Mexican Street Corn.
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