Carne Asada Beef Jerky

Carne Asada Beef Jerky


Carne Asada Beef Jerky


Steak may be a gold standard of fanciness in restaurants, but this full-bodied beef jerky, seasoned with bright paprika, earthy cumin, and sweet ginger, will have you switching your order from well-done to dried.

Sustainable goodness

SlantShack was founded as an alternative to the nasty practices of big beef production, and they're helping the earth with soil-friendly farming.

  • Gluten Free

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Why we love it

In Mexico, Central America, and the American Southwest, “carne asada” is synonymous with a gathering of family and friends. Whether you enjoying it in a crowd of loved ones or on your own, each bite of this grass-fed jerky, flavored with tangy Worcestershire sauce, mouth-watering spices, and rich honey, will have you ready to celebrate.


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How it does good

A better way of raising cattle

Beef is notoriously bad for the environment. From the massive amount of land required for feeding and grazing, to animal welfare concerns, to the fact that a single kilogram of beef produces 36 kilograms of CO2, it’s not uncommon for beef production to leave cows, soil, and the atmosphere pretty unhappy. Since factory farming and hormones don't always make for the best-tasting meat, they can leave consumers unhappy as well. SlantShack agrees. Their jerky is made with free-range, 100% grass-fed beef that’s never been locked in a feedlot or treated with supplements. They work with suppliers using crop and grain rotation and controlling run-off to pump the brakes on erosion. The result? Happy cows, happy soil, and a jerky you can feel good about eating.

  • responsible sourcing

    SlantShack chooses producers and third-party certifiers that guarantee animal welfare and sustainable farming practices, and they’re fully traceable, so you don’t have to take their word for it. Even their spices and marinades are non-GMO and preservative-free.
  • low carbon footprint

    By working with free-range farmers rather than factories or feedlots, SlantShack helps collect and store (sequest) carbon dioxide to improve soil quality and limit climate change. As a B-Corp, they’re also at the forefront of best environmental practice.
  • supporting key causes

    They are a 1% for the Planet business, contributing 1% of profits to Wholesome Wave, a nonprofit providing food education and access to underserved communities.
  • One Percent Certification
  • Certified B Corp

How to use it

Try dicing up a strip and adding it to your omelette.

When you're done...

Recycle the whole thing through TerraCycle by following our special instructions.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand



SlantShack jerky is crafted using organic spices and non-GMO, preservative free marinades. They cut against the grain for better texture, and they run against the grain by sticking to their values. They use free-range, grass-fed beef because that’s how they feel food should be done. Healthy and sustainable practices—like choosing organic and non-GMO ingredients and using only grass-fed beef—aren’t just better for planet or your body, they make better food. All of their jerkies are low sugar, with ingredient-driven flavor profiles created the same way you’d create recipes in your kitchen—with fresh spices and herbs, a pinch at a time—for a delicious, low-calorie, low-fat, low-sugar, high-protein snack that you can eat anywhere.
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