Jalapeno Honey Dill Pickles

29 reviews
The Real Dill Jalapeno Honey Dill Pickles
29 reviews

Jalapeno Honey Dill Pickles

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We don’t speak bee, but we’re starting to wonder if “buzz buzz” is just a perfect pickle recipe. Colorado honey brings the sweetness to rich, slightly smoky jalapeño flavor that makes our tastebuds hum.

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  • Gluten Free

Classic meets "in a class of its own" with these fabulously spicy, astonishingly sweet pickle spears, packed without frills in a tall, slender jar. Just watch the waving dill fronds, green jalapeño, and crescents of aromatic onion floating through the glass, and you’ll know what a treat you’re in for. They're the perfect blend of mild heat and lip-licking honey. Bet you can't eat just two.

The Real Dill is zero-waste and constantly working to improve their community with food, compost, and financial support.

Good news! This packaging is 100% curbside recyclable.
These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

Hive Five™ Certified

No need to guess what's in your food or how it was made. Our experts vet every product for ingredient integrity, responsible sourcing, and great taste using our own criteria called the Hive Five.

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How it does good

Responsibly made, responsible values

The Real Dill knows that with great power comes great responsibility, whether that power comes from a spider bite or, say, pickles. The Denver-based company sources recognizable ingredients of the best quality to make all its products from scratch. They partner with the community development non-profit Re:Vision to compost more than 30,000 pounds of food waste, making The Real Dill zero-waste while helping promote food education in their neighborhood. They also develop new products (including their spectacularly popular Bloody Mary Mix) to repurpose unused ingredients and offer recipes to help their customers do the same. With a focused Green Team, recyclable packaging, and charitable partnerships with local organizations, they’re using their power for good. And pickles.