3 Tips for Reducing Waste in the New Year

3 Tips for Reducing Waste in the New Year

If you ask us, single use plastic is one of those things we want to leave behind in 2020. Don’t get us wrong, there’s a time and a place for plastic (just ask our Head of Sustainability, Jamie). But we don’t think that time is “every time.” And we also don’t think ditching plastic is the only way to reduce waste. So let’s talk through some of the ways we’ve cut back on trash this year (that you can do, too).

1. Goodbye Disposable Storage Bags

Sometimes you have a little bit of cropped food you want to keep for the next meal, a snack to take on the go, or a full on sandwich you need to keep handy (we’ve all been there). The go-to method for most people is to pop your snack, your leftovers, or your lunch into a single use sandwich or “zip lock” bag. 

Zip top bag with fruit

We have to be honest, those bags are convenient for us, but not so much for the environment. Which is why we’ve upgraded to reusable, silicone bags from Zip Top. They’re durable, seal well to avoid spills, and easy to clean. This one simple switch can cut back your plastic and help you stay more organized. 

2. Speaking of Storage...Cling Wrap, It’s Gotta Go

Yes, cling wrap is great for quickly covering up some salad (pasta, potato, or other) to leave in the fridge. Yes, it’s super useful when you have half a lemon leftover from a recipe. And yes, we have used it to help us roll a Swiss roll cake. But for all the things cling wrap (or plastic wrap) has done for us in the past, we’ve decided it’s not going to make it into the future with us.

Sorry, cling wrap. 

So what are we swapping with? Bee’s Wrap. These flexible, reusable sheets work wonders around the kitchen. You can cover your coleslaw, wrap up a fresh wheel of cheese, or help roll that dough into shape—just like cling wrap did for you, but better. Because it’s better for the environment. These wraps are washable and while they don’t last forever, they do last a very long time. You’ll get lots of use from them so we’re recommending the starter pack for the start of the year.

2.5. You Have Heard Enough About Straws Already

We’re not going to go into detail on this one, but we had to mention it. If you’re a straw-lover at home or out and about, we really like these metal straws. They come in a few different colors. It’s nice!

3. Talking Trash (And TerraCycle)

You may have read about TerraCycle with us or heard of them before. If not, here’s a quick summary. TerraCycle is a company that repurposes hard to recycle materials so they don’t end up in landfills. Pretty great right? 

We think so. And the best part? You can add a TerraCycle envelope to any Hive order and send back those chip bags, your coffee bags, and those spray tops from bottles that you’ve never known what to do with. Working with them is something we’re really proud of. It gives us all a simple way to cut back on the trash we create. 

Pulp pantry chip bag

So there you have it! Our quick tips for a less wasteful new year. Have a happy and healthy 2021.

PS. If you have more questions about our plastic policy or the TerraCycle program, visit our FAQ page or send us an email at hi@hivebrands.com 

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