Hi, we’re Hive.

We like to think of ourselves as an ecosystem of people, brands, and causes working together to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

We’re here to connect people who want to shop their values with brands who live those values, starting with everyday items like groceries and household goods. Everything on Hive is meticulously vetted to not only taste great or do the job, but also to make sure that your purchase makes a positive impact.

So we invite you to learn more about us. Look around, kick off your shoes (if you’re wearing them), and make yourself at home.

Our Criteria for Getting to Better

We have high standards. That’s why we’ve developed our own criteria for reviewing brands. So you can feel good knowing that any product you see on Hive is currently making a positive impact on the world.

We call our criteria the Hive Five. Each of our brands is evaluated against these standards so we can find the best in each category. We continually check in with our partners to ensure that they maintain these standards. If they don’t, they’re removed from Hive.

The truth is, every category we cover is different. So we focus on what’s considered the best in class today while looking at the future. By working together, we believe we can create opportunities for all of us to get to better.

The Hive Five

Pear slices with nut butter, assorted pastas, matcha powder and coffee beans

Ingredient Integrity

Traceable, with sound practices:

We highlight forward-thinking environmental
 practices and flag known risky commodities 
and sourcing geographies.

Jar of tomato sauce within a lot of fauna

Recyclable Packaging

Striving for zero waste:

We work to get as close to a zero-waste model as we can, with recycled-content 
and recyclable materials at the forefront, and a plan for doing better when 
this isn’t 100% achievable.

Close up on a fresh bunch of kale

Low Carbon Footprint

Efficient operations:

We look for brands who are calculating their carbon footprint and practicing offsets
 or using other third-party certifications.

Potato chips with a side of ketchup

Committed to Social Good

Nurturing their communities:

Brands on Hive are improving the global community by making better products, committing to diversity and inclusion practices, and supporting great 
social causes.

Hunks of assorted chocolates


Tastes great/does the job:

We only carry items that we’ve tried
 (and were delighted by) ourselves. We’re proud to share the latest Hive Team
 favorites we know you’ll love.

Curious how one of your favorite products stacks up? You can always see exactly what makes
 a brand on Hive truly a Hive Brand right there on the product page.


Together, we’re making a positive difference in the world while mitigating any negative impact of Hive’s operations.

Pantry Make-up


of our products are verified for fair or direct trade practices and sustainable agriculture


environmental and social certifying groups are represented across all of our brands


of our shipments are carbon neutral


of product packaging we carry is recyclable, compostable, or TerraCycle-able


recyclable shipping materials. We use non-toxic, water-based ink on our boxes, which are made in part from recycled materials

Our partners give back beyond their operations. Here's what they support:

Offsetting operations and shipping

We’ve offset all of the carbon we’ve used for our operations, including deliveries. To date, that’s:

${ totalCarbonOffsetInPounds }

Want to learn more about any of these stats? Contact Us.

Founding Story & Team

We believe that companies have a meaningful role to play in creating a more equitable and sustainable world. We’ve been thrilled to see just how many brands out there are doing the right thing from the start.

But we saw a big problem. Most of these brands are struggling to make it in the sea of traditional retail, where big companies are king. That’s when we saw an opportunity to do things differently. We realized we had the chance to set high standards, build a collective of people working together to help build each other up, and finally favor the little guy.
 And so, we started Hive.

Collectively, we’ve built businesses that changed the way people shop for everyday products using better ingredients, processes, and technology. We’ve been fortunate enough to experience high levels of success while having fun along the way. And we’re ready to help others do the same.

Scott Morris


Scott is bringing 25 years worth of learnings and knowledge to Hive. He’s here to leverage what he knows to help Hive make the world a better place while working on things he cares about with people he loves. Throughout his whole career, Scott has been able to bring change, cause disruption, and innovate in the areas he’s worked in. That includes founding Freshpet. Scott wants to see success for the entire Hive team.

Katie Tyson

Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Self-described Shār Trail Mix obsessive

Katie believes in empowering people to make good choices and sees the true magic in what’s happening at Hive. She knows real change happens when people can collectively do better, together. Her pre-Hive experience includes building brands like Freshpet and Casper, plus running her own executive coaching business.

Thomas Ellis

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Thomas is passionate about challenging the status quo in e-commerce, creating positive environmental impacts, and advancing education initiatives. At Hive, he gets to do all that at once. He’s a global business operator and e-commerce strategy leader that was also the first business hire at Jet.com.

Dick Kassar

Chief Financial Officer

Dick wants the world to have more people who care about protecting the planet for our children and grandchildren. He loves what Hive stands for and believes in promoting new ideas that will improve the health and choices of future generations. As a financial executive since 1986, Dick has had a major impact on returns for investors at Chock Full-O-Nuts, Global Household Brands, Meow Mix, and Freshpet.

Steven Annese

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Steve doesn’t want you to confuse him with any other famously inventive “Steve” out there, but he does share the same passion for making a dent in the world with innovative products. And he believes Hive does exactly that. Steve specialized in e-commerce and technology, holding founder status in multiple direct to consumer businesses over the last 20 years. He’s excited to bring his expertise to Hive.

Kate Harper

Chief Brand Curator

Kate came to Hive so she could share the most delicious foods she’s ever found with a bigger, more conscious community. All while helping the brands behind them grow. She’s a specialty food merchant and e-commerce executive who’s powered small-batch makers online like Dean & DeLuca, Mouth.com and Levain Bakery.

Rickard Werner

VP of Merchandising

Rick sees food as fundamental to our health, our cultures, and our planet. To him, Hive makes it easy for people to consider all these things while shopping. His natural food products experience spans across managing, distributing, and manufacturing. He’s always looking to bring the best products to market in the most efficient way.

Jamie Leidelmeyer

Head of Sustainability

Official Pan’s Mushroom Jerky aficionado

Jamie joined Hive because the mission is basically built into his DNA. He’s here to expertly drive the sustainability and social impact initiatives that authentically live at the heart of Hive. His career spans the public, private, and non-profit sectors as a development expert and program builder for initiatives benefiting people and the environment.

Liz Lincoln

Head of Customer Care

Adoring Enzo's Olive Oil expert

Liz shares in Hive’s mission to be a force for good in the world and make a difference. She cares deeply about the causes close to her heart, like mental health awareness and support. Liz has dedicated the last 20 years of her career to Customer Service. Her passion for it stems from her desire to help others.

Annika Gacnik

Sustainability & Impact Manager

Enthusiastic Alter Eco Classic Dark Truffle eater

Annika believes food connects people with their environment, and each other, more than anything else in the world. That's why she's so passionate about equitable, regenerative food systems. She's worked across multiple parts of the food industry as a researcher, a producer & processor, and in grocery retail. At Hive, she's honored to work with people who share her passion for creating and supporting sustainable food businesses.

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