Plastic-Free Foaming Hand Soap

Petal is the ultimate sustainable hand soap solution for your home. Their refillable, foaming soap is zero waste, made in the USA, uses non-toxic ingredients and won't contaminate the recycling stream. So you don’t have to sacrifice quality while doing something good for the planet.

Petal’s refillable aluminum bottles and dissolvable pods make it easy to cut down on single-use plastic and save money each month. 

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Pick Your Scent of Refill Pods

Petal's foaming hand soap refills help cut down on plastic and don't leave any trace of chemicals in the environment once they dissolve. Chose between refreshing Lemongrass or zingy Citrus Ginger (or try one of each), and set up a subscription so you never run out.

About Petal

No need to guess what's in your soap or if it leaves things really clean. Our experts vet every product for ingredient integrity, responsible sourcing, and great taste using our own criteria called the Hive Five. Petal is a Goldie brand, earring a 5/5 Hive Five Score. 

Traditional cleaning products need a lot of plastic and can lead to a ton of extra waste, while many "all-natural" hand soaps either don't work or use chemical alternatives. Enter, Petal: a foaming hand soap with sustainable aluminum packaging, fresh scents, and all-natural ingredients that actually work. Because soap should clean, not make a bigger mess.

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