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Every product is Hive Five™ Certified, which means you’re guaranteed quality, from taste to efficacy and from sustainability to social impact.

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See how every product at Hive has a tangible, positive impact on the planet, from production to packaging.

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  • Contribute to a more sustainable world with every purchase

  • Discover 1000s of sustainable swaps

  • Reduce your household waste

  • Watch your impact grow over time

  • Carbon neutral shipping

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  • Snacks to say "yes!" to

    Abigail Wald created the YES bar because her son was born with so many dietary restrictions, and she was tired of saying "no" to all the foods he wanted to try. So, she made a snack he could eat: a real food snack bar that has nothing fake or added unnecessarily.

    Shop Yes Bar 
  • Clean hands for a cleaner world

    Petal's hand soap is cruelty-free, made in the USA, and uses plant-derived ingredients that won't leave a trace in the environment or contaminate the recycling stream. Their soap isn't just good for hands. It's also good for the environment.

    Shop Petal Soap 
  • These pickles are the real dill

    The Real Dill is a company that started out as a hobby. For years, creators of the company would spend their days dreaming about new pickle recipes and honing their craft. They ended up creating an amazing company that also does amazing things for the earth. They are proudly a zero waste company and partner with nonprofit organizations.

    Shop The Real Dill 
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