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Meet Hive, the online grocery store where every choice is a sustainable choice

Hive's curated selection of groceries and household products are all-natural and carefully vetted for environmental & socially-responsible practices, all for the best price.

Join Now and Start Saving
  • Up to 20% off every order

  • Free shipping on orders over $65

  • Free gifts and Hive Credits

  • Access to new products

  • $120 in
Hive Credits

    Paid Members Only

How it works

When you sign up for Membership you're creating a sustainable home for less. Signing up is as easy as building your first autoship order - where you'll get up to 20% off. Each month we’ll automatically process your order with the active subscriptions in your box. Your Membership is 100% flexible - you can add, subtract, skip or cancel as you like.

As long as you're a Member, you'll always save by shopping with Hive. And better yet, with each box you're contributing to a more sustainable world.

Become a Member
  • Free Membership

    • Free Shipping over $65
    • Up to 20% off your orders, with bigger discounts the more you buy
    • Free Gifts and Autoship credits
    • Savings apply to one time orders and gifts too
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  • Paid Membership

    • Free Shipping over $65
    • Up to 20% off your orders, with bigger discounts the more you buy
    • Free Gifts and Autoship credits
    • Savings apply to one time orders and gifts too
    • $120 in Hive Credits per year
    Upgrade to Paid 
  • Free shipping for orders over $65

    All Hive Users

  • 5% off $35+
    10% off $100+

    15% off $150+

    20% off $200+

    Members Only

  • $10 credits per month to apply to your next order

    Paid Members Only

The Hive Advantage

When you sign up for membership, you’re creating a sustainable home for less.

Become a Member

We do the work for you

Every product is Hive Five™ Certified, which means you’re guaranteed quality, from taste to efficacy and from sustainability to social impact.


What is Hive Membership?

It is a loyalty program available to all active Hive autoship customers. Members save up to 20% on every order placed: the bigger your order, the higher your savings. Free gifts and other perks are unlocked as you receive more autoship orders. Remember to sign into your Hive account to receive your Membership discount.

An active autoship customer is defined as someone who receives an autoship box totaling at least $35 each month. 

Note: Skipping multiple autoship boxes in a row, changing your order frequency to less than once every three months, or pausing your subscription may affect your eligibility for the perks and discounts of the membership program.

How do I join?

You are automatically entered when you place a membership order on Hive; for your first order that means clicking “Join Now” or “Become a Member” and then creating a membership order by subscribing to products- no extra steps necessary. 

Note: If you are an active autoship customer when we introduce our Membership program in January 2024 you’ll be automatically enrolled into the program and eligible to receive all the benefits. You will start earning autoship benefits once your first autoship order is processed following the start of the program.

Is it free?

Yes, standard membership is free. You’re automatically enrolled simply by building a monthly autoship box.

To get the most of membership, we offer a paid membership that provides additional savings, perks, and gifts. To check out the details, click here

What do I get?

Members get discounts off of every order based on the value of that order, with a maximum discount of 20% off. At certain milestones, Members receive Hive Autoship credits and free gifts in their Autoship orders.

In addition, paid members receive a $10 monthly credit applied to their autoship box.

  • Spend $60, get $120 in Hive Credit

    You'll get $10 in Hive Credit to spend on your sustainable staples as part of your Membership.

  • Like magic

    Your Credit will automatically apply to your upcoming Autoship order, so enjoy the savings or try something new.

  • Use it or lose it

    Your Credit expires 31 days after it is issued, so use it while you can. But don't worry - you'll have another Credit unlock next month.