Some cleaners use harsh chemicals. Ours don’t.

  • Non-toxic ingredients with no overly harsh chemicals
  • Cleansing, disinfecting, and cleaning options, because not all bacteria is bad and not every spill needs the nuclear option
  • Alternatives to bleach like vinegar or hypochlorous acid (a natural substance found in the human body)

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  • Everything cleans, but disinfectants tend to kill bacteria they come in contact with. Toxic ones destroy everything, and that’s not always what you need.

    Non-toxic disinfectants and cleansers can get the job done without destroying everything in their path.

  • Usually, you can’t really recycle spray nozzles or other hard parts from cleaning products.

    But these products score points for recyclability. Plenty of them are even 100% recyclable. We’ll help you understand the right way to dispose of any packaging.

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