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Partners in Getting to Better
Our brand partners make awesome products while keeping people, animals, and the planet top of mind. They’re founded by passionate people who want to shake up their industries and reintroduce personal commitments to business models. Sound like you?

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  • 8 Track Foods

    8 Track Foods is a brand on a mission to design products that sustain our planet and feed our growing population.

  • 88 Acres

    88 Acres believes delicious food doesn't have to be at odds with nutrition or safety, and is growing that change seed by seed.

  • A Dozen Cousins

    A Dozen Cousins is making authentic Creole, Caribbean, and Latin American cooking easier to enjoy with natural, wholesome ingredients.

  • Adoboloco

    Adoboloco is a family business dedicated to celebrating the old style Hawaiian "chili pepper water" hot sauce, using simple ingredients, and supporting local farmers and makers in their beloved Maui, Hawaii.

  • Amani Coffee

    Amani believes in using coffee as a vehicle for spreading peace and societal change.

  • American Vinegar Works

    American Vinegar Works shows what a thoughtfully made vinegar should be.

  • Aunt Fannie's

    Inspired by the strength of his beloved grandmother and his desire to protect the health of his family, Mat set out on a journey to find a better, safer way to clean our homes.

  • Banner Road

    Banner Road is where Chef Anne grew up on her family farm and observed the magic of farm to table with every meal.

  • Bee's Wrap

    Bee’s Wrap started with a question: How could we eliminate plastics in our kitchen in favor of a healthier, more sustainable way to store our food?

  • Beth's Farm Kitchen

    Beth’s Farm Kitchen was started by Beth Linskey, the author of a 1981 recipe book that still continues to be a customer favorite to this day.

  • Better Life

    Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs decided the world needed a new line of cleaning products that they could use around their toddlers.

  • Big Spoon Roasters

    While serving in the Peace Corps in Zimbabwe, co-founder Mark Overbay learned about simple, freshly roasted nut butters. Now, he pays homage to what he learned with his own nut butter roasting business.

  • BjornQorn

    Bjorn’s corn-farming Minnesota roots and Jamie’s inventor instincts created their solar-electric facility at Kelder Farms.

  • Burlap & Barrel

    This direct trade spice company is a public benefit corporation that works directly with small, biodynamic and organic farmers producing spices with traditional techniques.

  • Chickapea

    This all organic company uses one single ingredient in their pastas—chickpeas.

  • Clean Republic

    Clean Republic was created because too many companies don’t tell the truth about what goes into their products or business practices.

  • Clif Family Napa Valley

    Clif Family's Farm is organic-certified and gives a farm to table feel to all the products and foods they create.

  • Cocoa Santé

    A true celebration of the combination of delicious and nutritious, Cocoa Santé is made with all organic ingredients and supplies a flavor for everyone.

  • Coombs Family Farms

    Coombs Family Farms is made up of 7th generation maple farmers, and is dedicated to sustainable forestry.

  • Crofter's

    Gerhard and Gabi Latka learned about the importance of flavor and high-quality ingredients, and years later, Crofter’s continues to make great jams as being environmentally friendly at the same time.

  • DONA

    Steeped in craft spices, Dona has built their brand on quality ingredients. They source from around the world, paying careful attention to where things come from.

  • Dyper

    DYPER was started to solve three problems that founder Sergio Radovcic was facing as a father: running out of diapers, not wanting to use harmful chemicals, and a desire to leave a better planet behind for babies everywhere.

  • Earth Mama Organics

    Earth Mama Organics believes that everyone, especially pregnant and postpartum women and their babies, can benefit from plant medicine.

  • Eat Makhana

    Eat Makhana was created to introduce water lily seeds, an ancient ayurvedic superfood, from India to the world.

  • ECOlunchbox

    ECOlunchbox was born of the idea that change can begin at lunchtime.

  • Elmhurst 1925

    When the original Elmhurst Dairy closed its doors in Queens in 2016, Henry Schwartz moved his father’s company to Buffalo and reimagined it.

  • ENZO Olive Oil Company

    In 2008, Ricchiuti Family Farms entered the olive oil business, and has taken off ever since. Enzo takes pride in how fresh their organic olive oil is.

  • Equal Exchange

    The three founders of Equal Exchange created this company with a shared vision in mind: fairness to farmers, and a closer connection between the farmers and consumers.

  • Farmer Direct Organic

    Farmer Direct Organic started as a pioneering Co-op to solve pricing transparency issues for its farmers. Today, the company continues to buy grains from organic farmers dedicated to quality and transparency.

  • Farmhouse Lab

    Farmhouse Labs was founded by Daniela, a mother of two dedicated to helping busy families enjoy sustainable, plant-based meals effortlessly. Her high quality dressings are consciously sourced and crafted.

  • First Field

    First Field is a family-led organization created to do right by the one and only Jersey Tomato. They source high quality produce direct from growers every single harvest.

  • Four Sigmatic

    Four Sigmatic started back in Finland, where mushrooms are farmed and lauded for their superfood properties. The company is bringing feel-good superfood secrets from Finland to the masses, starting with foods that are easy to eat and use and talk about.

  • Georgia Grinders

    Inspired by her grandfather's recipe, Georgia Grinders strives to create extraordinary nut butters that honor their family's dedication to clean eating and healthy living.

  • Good Food for Good

    Good Food For Good was created to solve a busy mom's quest for convenient foods that were made with only ingredients you'd find in your kitchen. For every product sold, GOOD donates a meal to feed someone in need.

  • GrandyOats

    A group of friends, a Maine campfire, and a dream to do good. Now 40 years later, Grandyoats is crafting small batch granola while staying true to its roots.

  • Green Mustache

    The story of Green Mustache began as a story shared by millions of moms—one about a child and her very particular eating habits (including a strong aversion to greens). Their snacks prove that healthy food can be delicious, fun and approachable for all.

  • Grey Ghost Bakery

    Grey Ghost’s recipes have been passed through the Frankstone family for years and years.

  • Guayaki

    Guayaki got its start when Argentinian Alex Pryor introduced Californian David Karr to yerba mate. The two saw a need for this nourishing source of energy, and set out to share yerba mate with the world while making a positive impact.

  • Hayden Flour Mills

    Hayden Flour Mills is making good on a vision that dates back to a Mr. Charles Hayden in 1868. By growing the same heritage grains on the same land, they are bringing back a time when flour was non-hybridized, minimally processed and flavorful.

  • Heritage Rice

    Every bag of Heritage Rice comes directly from the Stewart family, a 7th generation family farm that handles every step of the rice-making process.

  • Homefree

    Homefree was founded by Jill Robbins, a mom of a child with food allergies. She sought to create cookies that everyone could enjoy, delicious and bursting with whole grain goodness.

  • Humble House

    These sauces come in a variety of flavors which pleases every palette at the dinner table, and don’t include any harmful ingredients.

  • Jar Goods

    Jar Goods started with $150 and a dream: to create a delicious, wholesome tomato sauce as good as homemade without the effort. Today, Jar Goods makes better straight-from-the-jar sauces for pasta and more.

  • Joolies

    Joolies' founding family has been planting and growing organic medjool date trees for nearly two decades. Kohl Family Farm in the Coachella Valley, as it turns out, is the perfect place for beautiful, sustainably grown dates.

  • Karma Nuts

    Karma Nuts is what happens when 85 years of experience in cashew farming meets an ambitious MIT grad's goal to create healthier, less processed, and better tasting cashews.

  • Kate's Real Food

    Kate created her first product, energy bars, while she was skiing and needed sustainable energy to get her through the day.

  • Kitchen Garden Farm

    Founders Caroline and Tim are committed to reinvigorating American farmland by transitioning conventional acreage to organic.

  • Kodiak Cakes

    Kodiak Cakes started when Penny Clark sent her 8 year old son with a red wagon full of bags of her father's flapjack mix. Today, the company remains family owned and is committed to keeping the great outdoors wild and fueling adventure.

  • LesserEvil Snacks

    LesserEvil has been on shelves for a little while, but their journey really began when they took control of their own production process.

  • Love Grown

    Love Grown was started by two college students on a mission to make breakfast healthy again, using simple ingredients, with more protein and fiber and less sugar.

  • Maine Grains

    Maine Grains is committed to making the most delicious, nutritious foods with whole grains, and is bringing a once forgotten farming practice, and economy, back to life.

  • Maisie Jane’s

    Rooted in her fourth-generation family almond farm in Butte County, California, Maisie Jane’s is dedicated to supporting responsible farming practices.

  • Meliora

    Kate first asked the question of “what’s in our cleaning products” when she was at school studying Environmental Engineering. After that, Meliora was born.

  • Numi

    Numi was founded by a brother and sister team who, in their 20+ years of operation, have introduced little-known herbs and teas to the United States while advancing human rights and sustainable causes around the globe.

  • One Mighty Mill

    The founders of One Mighty Mill started their company after asking themselves this question: “Why hasn't flour gone from farm to table?”

  • One Potato Two Potato

    One Potato, Two Potato is part of Dieffenbach's, a third-generation family owned and operated chip maker from Pennsylvania. They're minimizing their impact on the environment because they believe the best-tasting veggies come from a healthy earth.

  • Pacific Pickle Works

    Since 2001, Bradley Bennett has been making his spicy blend of pickles for friends and family from his kitchen in Santa Barbara, California.

  • Pan's Mushroom Jerky

    Inspired by a family recipe and his desire to create a satisfying plant-based snack, Michael Pan launched his line of mushroom jerkies in 2018.

  • Partake Foods

    After being frustrated searching the grocery aisles for a perfect fit for her daughter, Denise Woodard knew she needed to create her own solution.

  • Partners Coffee

    What started in a New York City cafe and roastery has since grown, in part due to strong relationships with sustainable coffee bean producers around the world.

  • Peaceful Fruits

    This company started when founder Evan Delahanty worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Amazon Rainforest.

  • Pipette

    Babies’ skin needs extra love and care, but without the fluff, fillers, or confusion. That’s why Pipette was created.

  • Pipsnacks

    The women-owned, minority-owned, family-owned, really great little thing called Pipsnacks.

  • Portland Soda Co.

    Portland Soda Co. wants their customers to create a delicious beverage that they did their best job sourcing, brewing, bottling, and labeling.

  • Potter's Crackers

    Peter and his mother, Nancy Potter, created this company in 2006 after Peter graduated with a food science degree.

  • Pulp Pantry

    Pulp Pantry founder Kaitlin Mongentale was inspired to find a solution for the waste created by fruit and vegetable juicing.

  • Quinn Foods

    Founded by a mother with a cause, Quinn Snacks was started in 2010 by Kristy—right in her Massachusetts kitchen.

  • Rhizome Tonic

    Rhizome's tonics were created because their founders wanted to get the benefits of fresh whole ginger and tumeric daily, but couldn't find anything that met their strict criteria.

  • RightRice

    RightRice was born when Keith Belling found himself wishing there was a way to have rice with his meals, but without the extra calories and carbs.

  • RIND

    RIND was created to introduce people to eating the outside, and arguably more important part, of the fruit.

  • RISE Brewing Co.

    RISE has one goal: to provide good energy for good people to do good things.

  • Runamok Maple

    Runamok Maple produces infused, smoked and barrel-aged maple syrup along with our pure maple, which they call, Sugarmaker’s Cut.

  • Semolina Artisanal Pasta

    Semolina’s pastas are proof that great pasta doesn't have to be imported from Italy. They strive to make a product that is simply good, and because it’s made locally, good for the environment and the community.

  • Serenity Kids

    Founders Joe and Serenity created this company for the love of their baby girl after they switched to clean and healthy eating together.

  • Shār

    Peter Rushford set out to create a healthy, delicious and ethical snack back in 2013 and we’re so glad he did.

  • Simple Mills

    Simple Mills believes clean, nutritious foods add up to a greater life. Started after Katlin Smith made the connection between what she ate and how she felt, the company is on a mission to enrich lives through simple, delicious, real foods.

  • SlantShack

    SlantShack jerky is crafted using organic spices and non-GMO, preservative free marinades. They cut against the grain for better texture, and they run against the grain by sticking to their values.

  • SpudLove

    Since 1998, SpudLove’s potatoes have been grown on their Oregon farm using sustainable agriculture techniques like slowing crop rotation and conserving water.

  • Squeak

    Squeak started small. Jayna was blogging and making videos about her safer cleaning products when requests for her products started rolling in.

  • Sqwishful

    Unlike conventional sponges, Sqwishful sponges are plant-based and plastic-free. They work with suppliers who recycle sponge waste, use hydroelectric power, and plant trees to offset carbon.

  • Sunshine Nut Co.

    Sunshine Nut Co. employs primarily adult orphans and has developed extensive relationships with orphanages and other community organizations in-country, donating 90% of their profits to these partners.

  • Taos Bakes

    The creators of Taos Bakes are here to eliminate the painful over-analyzation of nutrition facts and instead simply feeding and fueling our bodies with clean and yummy ingredients.

  • teapigs

    Founders Nick and Louise have a simple mission: get people drinking real, high-quality tea that’s sustainably sourced and packed in environmentally friendly packaging.

  • Tessemae's

    Tessemae's started with Tesse, a mother of three who perfected her own all-natural dressings after finding store options were full of artificial ingredients. Today, healthy eating and living are core to this family-run businesses mission.

  • The GFB

    The GFB was started by two gluten-intolerant brothers who didn't like the gluten-free food options available. They set out to change the way good-for-you foods taste, and do the right thing in the process.

  • The Real Dill

    The Real Dill is a company that started out as a hobby. For years, creators of the company would spend their days dreaming about new pickle recipes and honing their craft.

  • Uglies

    Uglies is doing their part to reduce food waste by giving potatoes with minor cosmetic imperfections a second life as delicious, kettle-cooked chips.

  • Union

    Union poses the question: Why should you sacrifice veggie deliciousness or protein power when you can experience the best of both in a snack?

  • Vejibag

    Created in 2013 by Sally Erickson, Vejibag was born out of necessity. She needed to keep veggies as fresh as possible from the time they were picked in her year-round, Eastport, Maine greenhouse until they were taken home by customers.

  • W&P

    Founded by Josh Williams and Eric Prum, W&P began with one product and a big idea that the things you use to cook, eat and drink could have a positive impact on your life and the world around you.

  • Wandering Bear

    When regular coffee stopped working for grad students Bachmann and Ben Gordon, they set out to find a stronger way of caffeination.

  • White Leaf Provisions

    When founders Meghan and Keith had their first son, their story with White Leaf Provisions began. They felt a great responsibility to be completely aware of what they were giving to their child to eat.

  • Wild Goose

    Wild Goose Coffee started out of a farmer's market in Redlands, CA in 2008, and even in those early days were committed to giving back to their community through food donations from coffee proceeds.

  • Wild Planet

    Wild Planet has a mission to care for marine life, and therefore the planet. They want their products to be the best they can be for their consumers, without harming the environment.

  • Women's Bean Project

    Women's Bean Project is a Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to change women’s lives by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise.

  • Yolo Farmstand

    Brian from Yolo Farmstand has a simple formula: Buy the best organic nuts and dried fruits from growers you know and trust; handle and store them carefully; and package them for optimal flavor and food value.

  • ZipTop

    Zip Top was founded with the goal to bring an innovative, easy to use containers that would disrupt the dated use of harmful plastic waste. Simply put, Zip Top is on a mission to be better for you and better for the planet.