A Better Way to Celebrate Abundance

| By Nana Kim

Thanksgiving is synonymous with bounty—tables overflowing with food and merry folks coming together to celebrate the harvest. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a festive meal with loved ones, it’s also equally important to consider what comes after, like the amount of food that ends up going uneaten on a big holiday.


A Better Way to Celebrate Abundance
If you’re looking to break the pattern this Thanksgiving, here are some ways you can limit the amount of food that goes to waste. (Just remember it’s okay if it doesn’t all go according to plan.)
  1. Start a group chat or shared doc to coordinate recipes with friends and family. We know you love sweet potato casserole, but do you really need four pans of sweet potato casserole? (Unless, you’ve broken a personal record before and demolished the same amount of food last year, by all means have your casserole.)
  2. Only buy what you need. We get it, we love grocery shopping too (it’s a safe place). But do you really need a pre-baked pecan pie when your aunt is pouring her heart and soul into the oven back home? Probably not. Stick to a detailed shopping list before you leave the house. And maybe bring someone with you for accountability. 
  3. Keep a close eye on what’s cooking and set timers. There has to be some proverbial phrase related to this, but food burned equals one less stomach fed. Major sad face.
  4. Use what you already have first. Stuffing recipe call for celery? Check your fridge to see if you have any abandoned bags of still-edible stalks before stocking up on more.
  5. This one’s pretty obvious, but serve smaller portions. Start small then work your way back to the spread for seconds. Or thirds.

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