Tackling Plastic Free July with Bee's Wrap

Tackling Plastic Free July with Bee's Wrap

Plastic Free July is a movement that encourages individuals to ditch single-use plastics for less wasteful alternatives, like reusables. Why is it important for consumers to minimize plastic use? 

Simply put, every piece of plastic ever made still exists today. With Bee’s Wrap, we offer a natural alternative to plastic wrap that makes a small but meaningful impact with every use. Like bees in a hive, we believe it takes all of us doing our part to make a difference and every choice, however small, counts. 

What makes an item reusable? Can anything be reusable? 

Using it again and again, for the same use or something altogether different. There are items designed to be reusable and clever ways to repurpose typically disposable items but not all reusables are created equal. For us, we look to create reusables that are both from the earth, and for the earth. That means they’re made with quality natural and organic ingredients that are responsibly sourced,  designing versatile, durable, and long-lasting products, and most importantly, ensuring everything is compostable and will break down naturally instead of sticking to the planet. 

Why are reusable items important to living a more sustainable lifestyle? 

Reusables are an easy way to cut down on waste and make sustainable living a habit that sticks. Every time you choose to reuse, you minimize the impact on our planet, and inspire the people around you to do the same. 

What’s something conscious consumers should know or consider before purchasing reusable items, like how to clean and care for them?

We think of reusables like Bee’s Wrap as a hands-on way to reduce your footprint which can involve a little more TLC than a disposable product. The biggest commitments are in product care (like washing and drying) and making a conscious effort to adopt the habit of reusing. 


What are simple ways conscious consumers can join the plastic-free movement and incorporate reusable items into their routine in July and beyond? 

We’re big believers in picking 1-2 items or tasks and making the commitment to swap disposables with reusables. Some of our go-to swaps include:

  1. Replacing plastic wrap and baggies with Bee’s Wrap to store leftovers or pack lunch
  2. Bringing reusable shopping bags to the grocery store or farmer's market
  3. Taking reusable mugs (and straws) to get coffee and juices 
  4. Using reusable dryer balls while doing laundry 

Once you’ve adopted the habit and made one reusable part of your routine, it’s easy to branch out and try something new. 


Want to dig into sustainable swaps? We've got more plastic-free inspo right here.

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