Collaborating and Contributing: Hive and Heifer International

Collaborating and Contributing: Hive and Heifer International

Who is Heifer International?

Across 21 countries around the globe, Heifer International works to break the cycle of poverty through sustainable initiatives. With their work, they provide girls with education and help farmers make livable wages, all while integrating climate-smart agricultural practices.

Since 1944, they’ve helped more than 35 million families build sustainable livelihoods using livestock and training. By supporting and training farmers, ranchers, and female business owners, Heifer International is able to invest in a new breed of success.

How is Hive supporting them?

Inspired by Heifer’s mission to support financial independence for women and families around the world, we’re making donations to this great cause. So for every female-maker focused Women Run the World bundle we sell, we’re donating a portion of the proceeds to Heifer International. Because the truth is that investing in women is an investment in ending poverty and hunger everywhere.

In fact, Heifer International themselves report that “When women have control over their assets and incomes, they reinvest in their families. Everyone eats more nutritious food. Kids go to school. Families get better access to health care.”

What can you do, too?

Donate a goat! No seriously, you can donate an animal at the full price or a portion of the price to help a family develop their business. Or make a donation toward providing education for girls in regions where working in fields or at home for their families takes precedence over their education. Globally, 132 million girls are not in school and that number is growing. Supporting Heifer International can help send girls to school and break the cycle of poverty.

Learn more about Heifer International.

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