The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Pet

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Pet

The holidays are a time to spread cheer to animals, people, and the Earth. When it comes to animals, we believe they are so much more than pets and always earn a spot on the nice list. Stuffing your dog's stocking or gifting a chew over the holidays is a way to share cheer, soothe anxiety during festivities or travel, and help scrub their teeth clean for New Year’s kisses. A delicious, digestible, and all-natural chew is certainly on every dog’s wish list. However, it’s important to put safety at the top.

From our Earth Animal family to yours, here is our guide to gifting the right size and supervising chew time to keep your furry friends safe this season.

Gifting the Right Size

When it comes to safety, stocking stuffers shouldn’t always be small. The right size chew should be large enough to where it cannot be swallowed whole. If the recipient is a Muncher or Destroyer and tends to gulp, we recommend selecting a larger chew. When in doubt, size up.

We’ve included our size chart below (also found on every package of No-Hide Chews).

Jingle, jangle! Don’t forget to add your favorite feline to the nice list. We recommend our No-Hide STIX for cats, especially those who enjoy playing with their food. The STIX double as a tasty treat and fun toy to bat around and chase after.

Supervise, Supervise, Supervise

Whether you’re gifting the right size to a Nibbler or Gnawer, it’s important to always supervise chew time. Supervision allows you to remove pieces that are too large to be safely swallowed and monitor for gulping.

Below are must-have safety tips for supervision:

  1. Discard small, unrolled pieces to avoid the risk of them getting stuck in the throat or airway if swallowed.
  2. Replace the chew when it becomes small enough to swallow whole.
  3. Be mindful of our flat-faced friends (such as pugs, bulldogs, shih tzus, etc.) as their physiology and love for chewing makes them more susceptible to choking.

By gifting the right size and encouraging loved ones to snuggle up with some cocoa and supervise, you are helping to preserve the joy and safety of the season. Earth Animal’s No-Hide Chews are compassionately sourced, highly delicious and digestible, and crafted right in Lancaster, PA—just a short sleigh ride from the North Pole. They are veterinarian-formulated to bring cheer to even the most anxious pets while maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Be sure to check your list twice for the right size. And remember—supervise, supervise, supervise!

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