Gluten-free Favorites with Rick from Hive

Gluten-free Favorites with Rick from Hive

Rick's Take on Gluten-Free Foods

“Like a lot of people, I’m an “assembly” cook. I don’t have the time or the chops to cook from scratch or follow an elaborate recipe. I’m also gluten intolerant. My general rule is just to avoid the typical sources of gluten and I try to cook food that is inherently gluten-free. That way, I don’t really miss it, but sometimes I do just need a good pasta...

So on that note, here are my favorite gluten-free staples:


For Breakfast:

I go for Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Oats. I soak them overnight in Elmhurst Cashew Milk with a bit of the Nutiva chia seeds and salt. Then in the morning, I add Nutiva hemp seeds and some Coombs maple syrup. It keeps me least until second-breakfast.

For Lunch:  

I love soup, especially in the colder weather (who doesn’t?). My wife makes amazing soup from scratch, but sometimes you want a warm lunch without the fuss. Personally, I like Amy's Lentil Soups. Sometimes I’ll throw in some frozen veggies to make it a little heartier meal.

For Dinner (or sometimes Lunch):  

RightRice is my go-to quick meal. It’s just as good home when you just don’t have time or energy to cook, and great to take camping. If you can boil water, you can have a solid meal in fifteen minutes (with lots of plant protein). I usually throw in whatever veggies I have available and stir. It could not be any simpler. If you want to really jazz it up, add a protein of choice and maybe a touch of harissa for a smokey spicy flavor.

Another quick meal I love is Jovial Cassava Pasta. Jovial and their sister company, bionaturae, make great organic, gluten-free pastas from Italy (where they know a thing or two about pasta). I grab some Jar Goods pasta sauce and my favorite shape (usually fusilli because it holds the sauce so well) and I’m all set. I like adding zucchini or spinach if I have some on hand and maybe some protein.


For Sweets and Dessert:

I’m not a huge dessert fan as an after dinner thing. I’d rather eat pie for breakfast than after a meal. But sometimes, a little sweet something after dinner is just what you need. For that, I love AlterEco Chocolate. They’ve been in the chocolate game for a while and they know how to do it right, both from an ethical-trade perspective and a “superior quality chocolate” perspective. The Brown Butter 70% Dark is ridiculously good.

Bonus Rec:

I’m not usually a big cracker eater, but I am super impressed with Simple Mills Almond Flour crackers. It’s not just that they’re a great gluten-free cracker; they’re a great cracker, full stop. Flavorful and crispy without being heavy or crumbly. Perfection.”


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