Meet the Maker: A Conversation with ENZO Olive Oil Company

Meet the Maker: A Conversation with ENZO Olive Oil Company

What’s the story behind ENZO?

The ENZO Olive Oil Company story begins in 1914, when my great grandfather Vincenzo Ricchiuti set foot in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley and planted the seeds of a family business which would grow for generations. My great grandfather and grandfather Pat nurtured the land, and through their hard work the business prospered. Today, Ricchiuti Family Farms is known worldwide for our organic and conventional almonds.

Knowing diversification was key to long term success, my father and I decided to enter the olive oil industry in 2008 after we learned 98% of the olive oil consumed in America was imported. Our first harvest was in 2011. A unique combination of Old World expertise and four generations of farming in the San Joaquin Valley enables our family to craft the highest quality of fresh, organic extra virgin olive oil. I am proud to say ENZO Olive Oil has earned many awards over the years and has a loyal following across the country.

To further celebrate the bounty of our 4th generation family farm, we have added small batch artisan provisions such as fresh baked biscotti, granola, handcrafted pesto, almond butter, and organic vinegar.


What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about the olive oil industry, specifically sustainable sourcing and growing?

California olive oil is not only the freshest, but also adheres to the strictest standards in the industry. For example, ENZO Olive Oil is certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council, which is an independent entity.

ENZO Olive Oil products are made from 100% estate-grown olives, allowing us to maintain quality at every juncture. From planting and harvesting to milling and bottling, our ENZO team oversees the entire process to ensure excellent quality and sustainability.


Family and tradition are at the center of everything you do. How has that impacted the way the brand has developed and continues to operate? 

As we enter the holiday season, sharing ENZO Olive Oil and ENZO’S TABLE goods with our loyal customers is very rewarding. Being able to carry on the family business tradition of providing excellence remains at the center of all our strategic decisions.


Has anything surprised you about your journey/success? 

Although our family has been farming for the past 100 plus years here in California, we only recently began crafting artisan provisions, like extra virgin olive oil, fresh baked biscotti, and handcrafted almond butter. With each new product we introduce, our customers have been so supportive which is incredibly gratifying.


What’s next on the horizon for ENZO or what do you hope to do next?

We will continue to create new products that showcase all the goodness our family farm produces. Our family will also remain responsible stewards of the land and steadfastly adhere to all industry standards.


Tell us about one thing on your mind right now either environmentally or socially.

We just returned from Aaron Judge’s All Rise Foundation fundraiser, which is an organization that aims to inspire children and youth to become responsible citizens by engaging them in activities that encourage them to reach unlimited possibilities. Aaron’s family is from Linden, California, and alumni of Fresno State. We are so proud of what Aaron has accomplished both on the baseball field and through his foundation. Our family was honored to sponsor a portion of his fundraiser. As a multigenerational family business that works with the land, we are always thinking about supporting and leaving things better for the next generation—the All Rise Foundation is right in line with our beliefs and commitments.


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