Wrap Gifts Like a Pro, Minimize Waste

Wrap Gifts Like a Pro, Minimize Waste

The wrapping paper industry is a $7 billion behemoth in both profit and waste. It’s estimated that the U.S. produces around 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper every year, with roughly half of that ending up in landfills. That’s a whole lot of crinkly, glittery festive paper hanging out in the trash. 

With those numbers in mind, we poked the Hive team for their tried and true ways of ditching conventional wrapping paper and minimizing packaging waste during the holidays. So, dig around the house and take inventory of all the leftover tissue paper, newspapers lying around, and wrap candles, socks, and things like a mindful pro.

Keep It Brown

Plain brown paper always comes in clutch. I’s fully customizable to your liking with stamps or drawings. Plus, fully recyclable and less expensive than regular wrapping paper.


Bind flowers and herbs with twine or raffia as the cherry on top of gift wrapping. Bonus points for pine bows.

Read the Paper

Wrap presents with the cartoon section of the newspaper. The kids will love it. Or use an old catalog with great photos to wrap small presents.


Take tips from the art of Japanese gift wrapping with cloth. Repurpose scraps of cloth or clothes that would have gone to the donation pile.


Reuse wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, ribbons and more from gifts you’ve received. 

New Tradition

Recycle beautiful handmade paper from friend to friend. Or start a new yearly tradition with a Christmas ball that opens up to store a gift. Pass it back and forth each year, and when it’s your turn with the ball, you have to fill it with a gift.

Team Hive 

Use Hive packaging to wrap gifts like firecrackers with the ends tied with natural raffia or recycled ribbons.


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