Sitting Down with a Few of the Women Leading Our Mission

Sitting Down with a Few of the Women Leading Our Mission

We asked 3 of our women in leadership roles to answer a few questions about themselves and their careers. Meet Katie Tyson, CCO & Co-founder, Kate Harper, Chief Brand Curator, and Liz Lincoln, Head of Customer Care. 

So, why did you join Hive?

Liz: Simply...I want to be a part of something good. A great team who cares, works together towards common goals that have the potential to have a huge impact on the world..I couldn't ask for more. I also love that I learn so much every day. I used to find information about sustainability and recycling to be so overwhelming but Hive has broken it down and made it more accessible to me and my family. 

Kate: I’m at Hive because I want to build a food store that promotes businesses making amazing products while doing right by their communities, customers and the universe. My hope is that our success will lead to their success by ensuring a massive market for products and brands that make the effort to do better. 

Katie: I believe that empowered people have the power to create change. With Hive, we’re focused on empowering people to make shopping choices that actually solve problems. Like improving how we grow and source ingredients, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill, and supporting underrepresented makers.

What are you passionate about in life or your job or both?

Liz: My passion...ooohhh I have so many. Above all else, my biggest passion is my family. I have the most amazing son and it always excites me to see what he's going to do next. The greatest gift I have is being a part of the man he is going to astronaut for NASA who wants to discover a new planet. 

Kate: I love finding new deliciousness and spreading the word about it. Food products, for sure, but you should see the Google Maps I make when I research travel destinations, please ask me for a restaurant recommendation. It brings me such joy to figure out what you’ll love and then hear all about the experience. 

Katie: I am a lifelong curious learner and a person who says yes to life. As such my passions are many—but rooted in the desire to grow and enjoy.

What’s your favorite women-owned brand on Hive?

Liz: Grey Ghost Lemon Sugar Cookies—It's in its own lane as far as cookies go. The texture from the sugar is so unique and the flavor is amazing. Once I open the package, they stay on my counter so I can conveniently go back for more.

Kate: ..How am I supposed to pick one women-owned brand! Must I really?

Katie: There are so many good ones! I love the Adoboloco Pau! Hana! sauce. And of course Chagrin Valley. But there’s also Masala Mama. And then Meliora cleaning products are packaging all-stars.

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