Squeaky Clean, Minus the Green: A Conversation with Squeak

Squeaky Clean, Minus the Green: A Conversation with Squeak

What words first come to mind when you think of greenwashing?

Parker: As a mom, my mind immediately goes to my three kids. I think about the deception that exists on shelves nationwide, and the number of corporations staking a claim in clean - hiding countless harmful chemicals within the word “fragrance.” And I commit to creating more - and better - for all of us.


How do you do your best to provide transparent sustainability information to your customers? 

Parker: We keep all of our ingredients on the front of our bottles. We also provide links to the CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) numbers for every essential oil found in our products. This number serves as a unique identifier to every chemical substance described in open scientific literature, including organic and inorganic compounds, minerals, isotopes, alloys and non-structurable materials. 

We are also wide open with our customers. When we have supply issues, questions about raw materials, issues with components we use, or feedback on packaging materials - we listen. We know we have massive strides to make in other areas of sustainability, and we know being in a relationship with our community and committing to the truth with our consumers is the best way to do just that.


What does Cruelty-Free mean in layman’s terms and how does it play a part in your mission and business?

Parker: To us, cruelty-free means all products land on shelves without creating a negative impact on their way there. It is fundamental to our business - from seed to spray. We source organic materials as much as possible and test all products in our own homes - on common household surfaces, and nothing else. Our commitment to cruelty-free production pushes us to get better in every area of our supply chain. 


What do you wish shoppers better understood about your mission and about sustainability in general?

Parker: I wish customers knew that sustainability is about so much more than packaging. The raw materials part of any product can be just as environmentally harmful as the package itself. I also wish customers knew the power of clean ingredients. In third-party testing, Squeak beat out the leading “green” commercial soap brands on cleaning efficacy. We’re not just talking about a clean clean - we’re creating it.


What would you tell shoppers to look for while trying to support more sustainable practices?

Parker:  Definitely check the labels. Look for B-Corps, Leaping Bunny, USDA Organic, Fair Trade certifications and anything that generally identifies that extra effort companies like ours make to create a clean and transparent business. Also, ask questions - hop on brand websites and send an email! We love hearing from potential customers and answering the hard questions.


Squeak proves you can create quality products without making a negative impact along the way. For more animal-friendly finds, explore our Cruelty-Free tag

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