The Day After Thanksgiving

The Day After Thanksgiving

Upcycling your Thanksgiving aftermath

Turkey, Deconstructed:

  • Good soup. Take that turkey carcass and make stock with leftover ingredients from the main event.
  • Leftover turkey pot pie. Bird, carrots, peas, green beans—need we say more? 
  • Grab your jar of Lao Gan Ma and toss up a flavor-dense turkey salad with leftover turkey, peanut butter, soy sauce, and any celery or scallions. Trust the process.
  • Turkey sliders on dinner rolls for days. You know what, just put everything between some fresh bread. (There’s a meme or TV quote somewhere about how anything can be a sandwich if you try hard enough.)


Breakfast Club: 

  • Two words: breakfast pie. Add a scoop of Greek yogurt to a slice. Boom, breakfast is served.
  • Finesse some hash with fried eggs, stuffing, and leftover vegetables.
  • Give the familiar Eggs Benedict a Thanksgiving twist. Instead of English muffins, top off a base of stuffing with turkey, cranberry sauce, and anything else you’d like. Proceed to smother with gravy and top with poached eggs. 
  • Whip up potato pancakes with leftover mashed potatoes. Fold in an egg to give it structure.


Get Saucy:

  • Take leftover cranberry sauce and other ingredients to make appetizers for any more Friendsgivings. We like the idea of baked brie with cranberry sauce in the middle. Major wow factor with ease.
  • Jazz up an Old Fashioned. Muddle leftover cranberry sauce in a glass then pour in some bourbon. Garnish with an orange peel pierced with a couple of cloves.
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