Breaking the Bias: Celebrating Women-Owned Brands

Breaking the Bias: Celebrating Women-Owned Brands

We love supporting women every day, but when it comes to International Women's Day, we're all in. March 8 is just *one* day of the year that we're celebrating just a few of the trail-blazing women in sustainability that create the products you know and love, from period care to pantry staples and just about everything in between.


Started by three women with one vision, Rael empowers menstruating people to have better relationships with their cycle. Founders Aness An, Binna Won, and Yanghee Paik were frustrated by the lack of clean, effective period care in the U.S., so they created their own solution: Cruelty-free period products made with organic cotton and free of harsh chemicals. Their products are just one way they support holistic care for cycles everywhere—Rael also donates menstrual hygiene kits and works with partners to provide period education.


Julia Collins loves the earth to the moon and back, and her delicious crackers prove it. Traditional snack manufacturing and wheat growing hurt the planet, but Moonshot works hard to tackle that, growing their wheat regeneratively and directly with farmers. Their crunchy snacks are plant-based, non-GMO, carbon-neutral, and housed in a 100% recycled carton.

lor tush

Baltimore sisters Nnadagi and Louise Isa created the sustainable (and tree-friendly!) solution to toilet paper when they founded lor tush. While regular toilet paper leads to the degradation of forests, lor tush prioritizes the planet with bamboo sourced from FSC certified farms in China. It grows faster, breaks down quicker, and doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizer to grow—making a difference with every flush.

Three Ships Beauty

What began as handmade formulations in an apartment kitchen is now Three Ships Beauty, a company on a mission to be the most transparent beauty brand in the world. Founders Laura Burget and Connie Lo believe you don’t need a long list of ingredients in your skincare products or a 12-step routine for great results. Their 100% natural, affordable skincare proves “less is more” with minimal plant-based ingredients that keep your skin radiant.

Looking for more brands to love? Shop our collection of women-owned businesses and learn how they’re breaking the bias while keeping Mother Earth in mind. 

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