Kate's Favorites

Kate's Favorites

Straight from Kate:

"When you have a kid you hear a lot about the magic of “baby smell”. It’s like people think a whiff of a newborn's head could solve the world’s problems. It turns out these people are right. So when I picked bath products to use for my son, I wanted them to be effective, free from weird ingredients, and unscented so nothing got in the way of the magical baby head smells. Earth Mama baby wash and Pipette baby oil are what did the trick for us. And they managed to keep his skin soft and moisturized even in the radiator heat of a New York City winter. 

Pipette baby oil and baby

For me, Beth’s Farm Kitchen Strawberry Rhubarb Jam is one of my all time must-haves. Strawberries and rhubarb are two of my favorite tastes of spring. Jodie and the team at Beth’s Farm Kitchen have bottled the brilliance of the first warm and sunny days of spring so you can capture the magic year-round. I like this best on buttered sourdough toast, but it’s equally happy in a tart greek yogurt or swirled into a pound cake batter.  

I’m also a big fan of Hayden Flour Mills pancake mix. When I was younger, pancakes on weekends were my dad’s specialty. I aspire to be a mom that has pancakes at the ready on weekend mornings, and more than enough for all of your friends to join us. Hayden’s mix is the shortcut I need to make it happen without sacrificing taste or quality ingredients. 

Runamok Maple bottle

And of course, you can’t have pancakes without syrup. So it's Runamok Maple Syrup (Sugarmaker's Cut) in this house. I take maple syrup seriously. True story: I once went to a bodega and bought real maple syrup when the diner where I was eating tried to pass off corn syrup nonsense as “the real stuff.” I love everything about Runamok: they’re incredible stewards of their sugar bushes, their syrups are clean and bright and the flavored versions are fun additions to pancakes, cocktails, or your morning coffee (try it, you’ll thank me later).  It’s their signature Sugarmakers’ Cut, though, that sings loudest to me."


So there you have it, Hive's resident expert in quality goods (and super cute kiddos) has spoken. For even more favorites, check out our breakfast and baby collections. 

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