On a Mission for Better: Our Q&A with Patch Founder James Dutton

On a Mission for Better: Our Q&A with Patch Founder James Dutton

What’s the story behind Patch? 

It began with my son, Charlie. Adventure obsessed, lover of all playgrounds, and happens to be allergic to bandages. After playing with him one day and seeing him fall off the slide, I went to bandage his wound and noticed Charlie’s skin was reacting badly to the common wound covering, and in fact making it worse. When I looked into it further and why this was happening, I learnt just how common this reaction is and the urgent need for an alternative solution in the market. I also learnt of the staggering number of chemicals in the compounds that make up traditional bandages, and the dire environmental problem caused by the amount of single use plastic used in traditional wound care. So, I went away for months and spent the time intensely developing a product that worked for Charlie and many others—and PATCH was born. A world first in compostable and hypoallergenic, zero waste wound care.

Your products are plastic-free. Why’d you choose bamboo?

My wife owned a bamboo wipe company and I'd seen the success that she’d had with so many products and bamboo’s soft, yet strong composition. It’s really a wonder plant—incredibly sustainable (it grows like weeds!), naturally antimicrobial, super durable, and great for sensitive skin. It’s the perfect solution for a wound care fabric. 

Can you tell us about the adhesive you use on your products?

Sure. The Adhesive is most commonly the issue with common alternative bandages on the market, as they are often filled with components that easily irritate the skin. We instead use a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which I’ve developed to work like tiny suction cups and are super gentle to remove. We’re pretty proud of this technology, and we’re the only ones in the world to use it - making us a uniquely sustainable product. 

What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about wound care?

PATCH is the only product on the market that doesn’t contain plastic, and is truly 100% compostable. We just want people to know that by making a choice to use PATCH, you’re making a sustainable one. Our primary motive is helping people access a product range that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to use, and eliminate the need for a negative impact on our planet. 

Bonus: Tell us about one thing on your mind right now either environmentally, socially, etc

The past 18 months have been an absolute whirlwind for everyone in this pandemic world. There are so many instances where we’ve had to evaluate what we stand for, and our priorities as a society. I am just so grateful to have spent time with my boys and wife that I definitely wouldn’t have otherwise. The one thing that’s stood out for me is the importance of looking out for each other, and spreading kindness. My hope is that PATCH can care for people too.  


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