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13 Sustainable and Organic Dog Treats Sure To Make Tails Wag

Your dog isn’t just a pet; they’re a member of your family. Keeping them in line with a healthy lifestyle starts with being as conscious about what you put into their bodies as you do your own. It’s a rewarding experience for you and your dog when you find sustainable snack options they love. 

What are the healthiest and most sustainable dog treats and where can you find them? 

At Hive, we’ve done the leg work for you. We carry a wide variety of dog treats with healthy benefits, made with certified organic ingredients and no added preservatives or chemicals. It’s never been easier to find delicious, organic dog treats your fur baby will love.


Overview: Our Top Picks for Organic Dog Treats 




1. Organic Pumpkin Dog Cookies - Because, Animals

heart shaped organic dog treats

These dog cookies are made from ingredients like organic pumpkin, Vermont maple syrup, and nutritional yeast that help your dog with digestion and pass healthier poops! Because, Animals makes sustainable food dog treats with a dedicated mission to promote cruelty-free manufacturing and to end factory farming.

How it does good: 

  • Uses high-quality, human-grade ingredients, responsibly sourced in the USA
  • Avoids sourcing ingredients from factory farms

Shop Because, Animals


2. The Tooth Berry Dental Stick Dog Treats - Shameless Pets 

dog with dental stick dog treat on nose

A quick and tasty way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh is with these berry-flavored dental sticks from Shameless Pets. These treats are made from upcycled, antioxidant-rich blueberries that boost your dog’s immune system. Shameless Pets takes unused fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted and upcycles them into healthy dog treats, reducing food waste and helping the environment. 

How it does good: 

  • Reduces food waste by upcycling misfit or surplus fruits and vegetables
  • Makes all products free of grain, corn, and soy

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3. Beef Chips Dog Treats - Primal Pet Foods

Protein-rich Beef Chips Dog Treats aren’t just full of flavor; they’re also helping the environment by reducing animal waste. Primal Pet Foods utilizes bones that would otherwise be discarded to pack their snacks with nutrients. All ingredients used are sourced in the USA, and cruelty free.

How it does good: 

  • Uses humanely sourced and ethically raised beef
  • Utilizes all the nutrient-dense parts of animals to minimize waste

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4. Superfood Dog Treats - Chippin

dog with bags of chippin superfood dog treats

Did you know crickets are packed with protein and are incredibly nutritious? 

Chippin’s Superfood Dog Treats feature ethically sourced, antibiotic-free, human-grade ingredients, including crickets and peanut butter, oats, flaxseed, and planet-friendly proteins. A women-owned business, Chippin relies on science to use ingredients that use 80% fewer resources to produce their food and treats.

How it does good: 

  • Works directly with American farmers to source ingredients
  • Avoids using livestock in treats to reduce their carbon footprint

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5. Coconut Chia Peanut Butter For Dogs - Big Spoon Roasters

dog licking peanut butter off spoon

Are you ready to be jealous of your dog’s peanut butter? Big Spoon’s Coconut Chia Peanut Butter For Dogs is made from dog-friendly ingredients like coconut oil and chia seeds, sourced from farms with the highest standards of production and quality. This incredible treat doesn’t just make dog bellies happy; it’s also packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to give them healthy skin and coats.

How it does good: 

  • Packages products in a fully recyclable jar
  • Sources nuts from domestic farms

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6. Lamb Ears Dog Treats - ZIWI

Lamb Ears Dog Treats are great rawhide alternatives for dogs of all sizes. Made from only two ingredients (lamb ear coated with lamb liver for extra flavor), these organic dog chews are ethically sourced and sustainable. ZIWI partners with heavily vetted sources to produce guilt-free products made from grass-fed, free-range meats under strict animal welfare principles.

How it does good:

  • Uses recyclable and BPA-free packaging 
  • Uses ethically raised meat under New Zealand's Freedom Principles



7. No-Hide Peanut Butter Dog Chews - Earth Animal

dog chewing on peanut butter dog treats

Earth Animal was founded by former veterinarians who understand the anatomy of dogs and the importance of using real ingredients. This rawhide-free, peanut butter-flavored treat from Earth Animal is made from humanely raised, ethically sourced, organic ingredients and packaged in sustainable, chemical-free, bags.

How it does good: 

  • Partners with ethical farms to source ingredients
  • Lowers carbon footprint by tracking emissions

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8. Bacon Brew Dog Biscuits - Portland Pet Food Company

The Bacon Brew Dog Biscuits are made with human-grade grains repurposed from Portland breweries. In fact, Portland Pet Food Company uses 100% human-grade ingredients, all made in the USA, with USDA-certified meats and vegetables. They also donate 5% of their yearly net profits to animal welfare organizations.

How it does good: 

  • Uses 100% human-grade locally sourced ingredients
  • Partners with local breweries and farms to reduce carbon footprint

Shop Portland Pet Food Company


9. Dehydrated Cod Skins Dog Treats - Open Farm

dog eating cod skins dog treats

Treating your dog to these dehydrated cod skins from Open Farm will go swimmingly. Made from only one ingredient — wild-caught cod — the package shows you the origins of the fish that’s in the treats. Open Farm’s transparency is what makes them special. They partner with certified, ethical, and sustainable sources and provide the information to customers. 

How it does good: 

  • Partners with a certification program to stay transparent
  • Uses humanely raised, sustainably sourced, nutritious ingredients

Shop Open Farm


10. Omega & Probiotic Sprinkles for Dogs - Because, Animals

Your dog will feel amazing, inside and out, after trying the Omega & Probiotic Sprinkles for Dogs from Because, Animals. These vegetarian dog treats feature probiotics and prebiotics to help digestion and improve your dog’s gut health. It’s packed with healthy ingredients like omega-rich seaweed blends and organic fruit and vegetable powders to help with your dog’s skin and coat. 

How it does good: 

  • Uses domestically sourced meats and produce
  • Avoids using any fillers, coloring agents, or artificial preservatives

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11. Lobster Rollover Soft Baked Dog Treats - Shameless Pets

dog in harness on dock with lobster dog treats

These soft-baked, buttery lobster treats support hip and joint health and are made from 45% upcycled fruits and vegetables. Shameless Pets is dedicated to conservation and environmentally conscious business practices, working to reduce food waste and creating packaging made from 25% recycled plastic bottles and milk jugs. 

How it does good: 

  • Uses packaging made from recycled materials 
  • Uses ingredients from food processing and post-harvest leftovers

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12. No-Hide Chicken Dog Chews - Earth Animal

Treat your dog to a delicious and easy-to-digest rawhide alternative with No-Hide Chicken Dog Chews from Earth Animal. These dog chews are long lasting, even for aggressive chewers, so you get the benefits of rawhide bones without the bellyaches.

How it does good: 

  • Uses humanely raised chicken
  • Never uses any chemicals or synthetic ingredients

Shop Earth Animal


13. Spirulina Dailies Dog Treats - Chippin

human feeding dog chippin spirulina dog treats

This delicious vegan dog treat is made by Chippin with kale, flaxseed, carrots, and spirulina, a protein that actually absorbs carbon dioxide, making it great for the planet. It is sustainable and contains superfood ingredients, antioxidants, and zero pesticides. Chippin isn’t just a catchy name. It means to "chip in" to help reduce your carbon footprint. 

How it does good: 

  • Uses spirulina to reduce carbon footprint
  • Works directly with American farmers to source ingredients

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So, what are the best organic dog treats? They all are! Each of these dog treats is unique and the companies behind them have amazing missions, unwavering standards, and a commitment to helping the environment. 

Can’t decide where to start? Head over to our sustainable grocery store and check out Hive’s Sustainable Dog Treats Kit, which provides a variety of healthy dog treats for you to discover what organic treat your pup likes the best! 

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