Protecting the Ocean with the Rozalia Project

Protecting the Ocean with the Rozalia Project

What is Cora Ball?

The short answer is that it’s a ball you toss in with your laundry that catches and prevents microfibers and plastics before they escape into the waterways. 

The long answer? Well, since most washing machines don’t have filters for these tiny fibers and plastics (the filters usually only work for big items like coins), Cora Ball prevents microfiber pollution in two ways. Inspired by the natural shape of coral, the ball was designed to allow water to flow through while still catching those tiny things. At the same time, independent testing has proven that Cora Ball reduces shedding off clothes in the first place, helping wash your clothes more gently and last longer.

Toss the Cora Ball in with your laundry, and the stalks will pick up around 1/3 of all those fibers. The ball itself is easy to clean, just pick out the ball of collected fibers. Unfortunately these fibers and lint are still trash, but it is a better solution right now than allowing them into waterways.

What is the Rozalia Project?

The Rozalia Project is an organization committed to cleaning and protecting our oceans. Their goals to clean, protect and help the ocean thrive guide the group in their efforts to intercept and clean up ocean debris. Named after Rozalia Belsky, the founder’s great-grandmother who travelled across the ocean in search of a better life. Since the sea had opened doors for her future, founder Rachael Z. Miller wanted to make sure she protected the ocean for our futures too.

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What can we all do?

Limiting single-use plastic, keeping microfibers out of the ocean, and using your voice to speak for change are all great ways to support ocean conservation. If you want to support the Rozalia Project, you can make a donation or buy a Cora Ball. 

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