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You might be on your own digging for quarters or waiting for a machine, but when it comes to catching microfibers to protect your clothes and our waterways, the cheerfully colored Cora Ball has your back.

Sustainable goodness

The Cora Ball is made from 100% recycled plastic and was made to catch microfibers flowing from our laundry into our oceans.


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Why we love it

No matter what wardrobe dredges you’re wearing come Laundry Day, this super-stretchy ball is here to support you. It increases your clothes' lifespan while catching 31% of dangerous microfibers in coral-inspired “stalks.” If you’re worried about making your post-washing process more complicated, don’t be. It can take weeks of washes for fibers to build up, and pulling them out is a breeze.


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How it does good

Inspired by ocean life to protect ocean life

While pollution enters our waterways from a bunch of sources, the biggest is microfibers. A huge chunk of these come not from straws or bags but from our clothes. Since washer filters aren’t built to catch microfibers, they drain out with our water after every wash. And if you’re not sure how something you can’t even see can add up to such a big effect, consider this: NYC produces 6.8 billion microfibers every single day, and they’re all ending up in the water. Like the ocean coral it was inspired by, the Cora Ball was built to collect microfiber contaminants and filter them out of our washers, so we can keep them out of the ocean. What’s more, the durable, stretchy ball actually prevents shedding, so our clothes and our planet can last longer.

  • low carbon footprint

    By creating a product that keeps harmful plastic and chemical-coated fibers from entering waterways, the Cora Ball helps all users decrease their environmental impact. It also protects our clothing, limiting both waste and the impact of waste disposal. On top of all this, their team is encouraging further eco-friendly practices, like washing smaller loads and using cold water.
  • responsible sourcing

    The Cora Ball is built to last in Vermont, made from recycled, recyclable plastic.

How to use it

Throw your Cora Ball in the washer with your normal load of laundry (excluding delicates, knits, fine fabrics, and anything with tassels, fraying threads or spaghetti straps). Check every couple of washes for fuzz, lint, or hair large enough to pull out by hand, then throw this out with your dryer lint.

When you're done...

Contact Cora Ball directly to return and recycle your product.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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