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19 Sustainable Baby Products Making a Positive Impact

Parents want the best for their kids — from organic foods to help boost their development to safe, non-toxic products. So if you’re shopping for your own family or looking for sustainable baby gifts for mothers-to-be, every sustainable baby product offered in Hive’s baby and kids store is thoughtfully crafted to make a positive impact on your kiddos, the planet, and future generations.       

1. Organic Blueberry Banana Smart Bars - Cerebelly 

Price: $4.99 (Pack of 5)

It’s easy to trust sustainable baby products that were created by a parent — especially if that parent is a neurosurgeon. Founder Teresa Purner used her scientific background to found Cerebelly, which creates delicious baby food packed with essential nutrients your child needs for brain development, memory retention, overall attention, and more. 

Cerebelly locally sources organic fruits, veggies, and ancient grains to make foods like these high-protein, low sugar, organic blueberry banana smart bars. They even partner with Peppa Pig to bring a smile to your baby’s face at snack time.

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2. Baby Lotion - Earth Mama

Price: $15.49

Looking for the perfect organic baby skincare product to soothe their skin without added chemicals? Earth Mama’s Baby Lotion is made with essential oils and other non-toxic ingredients to create an organic moisturizer that will make your baby’s skin happy.

Earth Mama is a compassionate company that makes sustainable, herbal products helping both mother and child through the miracle of birth and the journey of motherhood. Their shipping materials include upcycled, unprinted newspaper as filler instead of bubble wrap for sustainable deliveries. 

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3. Organic Biodynamic® Baby Food - White Leaf Provisions

Price: $15.99 (Pack of 6)

A French chef creates the recipes for White Leaf Provisions baby foods, so it’s no wonder kids absolutely love it. Crafted with fresh, organic fruits, these smooth purées give kids the nutrients they need while delivering the flavor they want.  

White Leaf Provisions’ sustainable baby products were started by parents Meghan and Keith Rowe, who wanted to know exactly what ingredients were in their kids’ food and to control how that food affects the environment. They responsibly source local and seasonal ingredients that are minimally processed, using traditional and sustainable regenerative farming.

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4. Organic Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Beet Baby Food - Serenity Kids

Price: $20.49 (Pack of 6)

packs of serenity kids organic baby food on a baby high chair table

These organic sweet potato, carrot, and beet baby food pouches by Serenity Kids are wholesome on the inside and mesmerizing on the outside. Inspired by the natural elements of breast milk, this plant-based baby food includes root vegetables and olive oil for the right amount of fatty acids without the added sugar. 

Bonus! Serenity Kids’ baby food pouches are made to be easily held by kids six months old and older and manufactured by a 100% solar-powered company. They double-down on sustainability by donating all excess electricity back to the grid. 

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5. Eco-Friendly Baby Training Pants - Ecoriginals

Price: $19.99

It’s not a secret that Ecoriginals is number one in making the planet’s most sustainable diapers, so why wouldn’t you give them a shot for your baby’s “number two”? These eco-friendly baby training pants are 40% more absorbent than standard disposable diapers, designed with Plantcell technology to keep your tots drier for longer.

Ecoriginals make their training pants and diapers with non-toxic, plant-based materials that are 100% compostable. So these training pants are not only kinder to your toddler’s bum but also to the planet.  

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6. Baby Bum Salve - Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve

Price: $12.99

You can always count on Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve to serve up the best organic baby skin care products. Their baby bum salve takes it to a new (and more sustainable) level with organic, healing herbs, primrose and olive oils, and natural antifungal ingredients. Their salve heals and moisturizes your baby’s diaper areas and is gentle enough for minor cuts and scrapes.    

Family-owned and operated, Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve locally sources 100% organic ingredients. Not to mention their packaging is 99% plastic-free and recyclable.

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7. Kids Bamboo Bandages - PATCH 

Price: $6.99

Did you know 1 in 4 people have an allergic reaction to standard bandages and bandage adhesives? PATCH Kids Bamboo Bandages are on the other end of the spectrum, made from organic bamboo and using only hypoallergenic ingredients like coconut oil, aloe, and activated charcoal. 

Oh, and did we mention that these bandages are compostable and made from renewable resources?


8. Tummy Rub - Erbaviva

Price: $19.49

open jar of erbaviva tummy rub with leaf and plants

Make your baby’s bellyache magically disappear with Erbaviva’s Tummy Rub. Featuring organic essential oils that help relieve pain and nausea, this tummy rub also soothes your baby’s skin with antioxidant-packed, organic cocoa butter. The tummy rub contains no chemical fragrances or toxic chemicals. 

Erbaviva was born when two parents (and skincare pioneers), Robin Brown and Anna Cirronis, wanted to create organic skincare products for both babies and mothers. They are a certified B Corporation, which means they meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact,  transparency, and accountability.

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9. Blueberry & Purple Carrot Teethers - Happy Family Organics

Price: $4.49 (Pack of 12)

Is your baby cutting teeth? Help relieve their gums with Happy Family Organics Blueberry and Purple Carrot Teethers. These wafers are made with simple ingredients like organic blueberries, purple carrots, and gluten-free jasmine rice flour to help them dissolve easily. 

Happy Family Organics is a mom-founded company that makes nutrient-rich, organic foods for growing children. Here’s a sustainability fact about Happy Family Organics for you to chew on: They’re on track to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.

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10. Coconut Chamomile Kids Shampoo & Body Wash - Alaffia

Price: $7.99

Alaffia’s Coconut Chamomile Kids Shampoo & Body Wash packs that one-two punch to knock out bath time in no time. This awesome combo is made with ethically traded, vegan ingredients like unrefined shea butter and virgin coconut oil, all while leaving out all chemical and synthetic ingredients. 

Alaffia has a reforestation program that uses regenerative agricultural practices. They replant thousands of trees in West Africa to restore the resources they use.

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11. Baby Unscented Bar Soap - Dr. Bronner's

Price: $4.29

Dr. Bronner’s is great at understanding what people and the environment both need to thrive. Their baby unscented bar soap is free of added fragrances and made with organic, fair trade coconut, olive, hemp, and jojoba oils to moisturize and is mild enough for your baby’s sensitive skin.  

Dr. Bronner’s remains faithful to its commitment to ethically sourcing ingredients, fighting climate change through organic farming, and doing what’s right to protect the environment.

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12. Baby Wipes - Bambo Nature

Price: $3.00

baby reaching into basket of bambo baby balm lotion shampoo and body wash

Babies can be unpredictable, and having sustainable baby wipes on hand to tackle sudden messes is essential. With Bambo Nature’s Baby Wipes, you get the convenience of a quick clean-up with the benefits of vegan ingredients that are friendly to your baby’s skin.   

Bambo Nature values transparency, choosing only the best raw materials and ingredients for their organic baby items while lessening their impact on the environment. Also, they have Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Asthma Allergy Nordic certifications! 

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13. Kids Bath Crayons - Pacha Soap

Price: $9.99

Who knew bath time is a chance to watch your kid’s artistic talents blossom? Pacha Soap’s non-toxic kids bath crayons pop with vibrant colors and wash away easily for a fresh canvas for your next bath’s work of art.  These crayons are made with essential oils and other non-toxic ingredients. They are also ergonomic so your toddler can hold them easily. 

Pacha Soap is dedicated to making handcrafted products using only ingredients from ethical sources. They are passionate about the environment and support clean water initiatives and hygiene education throughout the world. 

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14. Baby & Kids Sunscreen Stick SPF 30 - Raw Elements

Price: $16.99

Finding sunscreen safe enough for your baby without all the chemicals isn’t as easy as you think. Raw Elements is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with their Baby and Kids Sunscreen Stick that you can rely on year-round. This hypoallergenic sunscreen stick is perfect for your whole family and carefully crafted with organic ingredients like coconut oil, chamomile, calendula, and sunflower seed oil. 

Who better to create a sunscreen than a former lifeguard who knows the dangers of sun exposure and toxic chemicals on the skin? Raw Elements also founded World Reef Day to help educate the world on how to protect the oceans and coral reefs.

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15. Bamboo Diapers - DYPER

Price: $24.99

Do you want the convenience of disposable diapers without the chemicals and negative environmental impact? DYPER’s Bamboo Diapers are disrupting the diaper industry with their plant-based, compostable, and super comfortable diapers. Created by a dad to make a better diaper for his kids and the planet, DYPER products are made from sustainably grown bamboo and contain none of the harmful ingredients in traditional disposable diapers. 

With 20 billion diapers added to landfills each year, DYPER’s plant-based, compostable diapers aim to eliminate this waste. DYPER is also working toward plastic and carbon neutrality.


16. Kids Bamboo Toothbrush - PANGA

Price: $4.49

two panga kids bamboo toothbrushes

A dental hygienist founded PANGA to combat plastic waste resulting from disposable toothbrushes. Their kid-sized vegan toothbrush features a bamboo handle and minimal plastic in the form of soft, gentle, BPA-free nylon bristles.

PANGA uses paper packaging that is recyclable and compostable. They also donate their products to dental outreach organizations and nonprofits.


17. Nursery Cleaner - Better Life

Price: $5.49

Keeping your nursery squeaky clean is important for both you and your baby. You can use the Nursery Cleaner by Better Life for everything, from sterilizing toys, walls, and hard surfaces to working as a deodorant that crushes those lingering smells. It’s made with non-toxic plant-based ingredients like Chilean soapbark, coconut, corn, and botanical extracts and is safe for waterways and marine life. 

Better Life’s Nursery Cleaner was the Cribsie Awards' Best Baby-Friendly Cleaning Product for 2020. Plus, their packaging is also made with solar energy and recyclable materials.

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18. Baby Shampoo & Wash - Pipette

Price: $6.99

Bath time can be a fun ritual for families, and Pipette’s Baby and Shampoo Wash is a sustainable essential to have on hand. Pipette curated this two-in-one scent-free solution from non-toxic, plant-based ingredients that help balance moisture in your baby’s sensitive skin. It’s also mild enough to prevent tears if some suds slip into their eyes. 

Pipette is dedicated to providing clean, natural products without fillers that are safe for your baby and the environment. They have achieved carbon-neutral shipping, and they only source from companies that rally against deforestation.

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19. Organic Apple, Banana, and Beet Baby Food - Holle

Price: $9.99 (Pack of 6)

Not only is Holle’s Organic Apple, Banana, and Beet Baby Food made from organic ingredients, but it is also the first producer of Demeter biodynamic quality baby food. What does that mean? It’s a strict certification that goes even further than organic standards to ensure the highest quality sustainable ingredients and farming practices. 

Now that that’s out of the way, kids absolutely love this delicious, juicy snack. The vibrant packaging dazzles while being BPA-free and carbon neutral. 

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Baby Steps into Sustainability  

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The experience of raising a child is equal parts rewarding and challenging. Like our parents always said, there isn’t an instruction manual to follow. Hive is here to help you on your wonderful journey of parenthood with easy and convenient choices for your baby and kids you can trust.  

It doesn’t stop there! Let Hive help you with more than just sustainable baby products. Our sustainable grocery store has something for your entire family to buzz about. 

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