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29 Sustainable Pet Products Your Furry Friends Can Enjoy

We all want to spoil our pets with the yummiest food, the best toys, and the tastiest treats. But did you know many of the products we give to our fur babies contribute to a negative environmental pawprint? Discover how you can make the planet purr with these sustainable pet products your furry friends can enjoy.

1. Banana Flax Peanut Butter For Dogs - Big Spoon Roasters

Price: $9.95 | 13 oz. jar

If your pooch goes nuts for peanut butter, then this treat from Big Spoon Roasters will make them go B-A-N-A-N-A-S. This banana flax wag butter keeps out the bad stuff by using only three, nutrient-rich ingredients — peanuts, bananas, and golden flaxseed meal. Although it’s made for dogs, feel free to steal a scrumptious spoonful of your own. 

Sustainable Shout-Out: Big Spoon Roasters packages their nut butter in fully recyclable (and reusable) glass jars and prints their labels with non-toxic ink.

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2. Blueberries & Vanilla Goat's Milk N' Cookies Dog Treat - The Honest Kitchen 

Price: $9.79 | 8 oz. bag

Your doggo will be licking its chops when you dip into these Blueberries & Vanilla Goat's Milk N' Cookies Dog Treats by The Honest Kitchen. This delightful combo of fruit flavor and smooth vanilla are more than just tasty treats — they’re packed with probiotics to support a happy belly.

Sustainable Shout-Out: The Honest Kitchen is a Certified B Corporation, an approved member of Green America, and received a ‘four-leaf’ rating from Greenopia for their positive environmental impact. 

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3. Honey & Oats Dog Shampoo Bar - Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve

Price: $6.99 | 1 bar

Who wants to wash their dog with soap that’s packed with chemicals and synthetic ingredients? Take the sustainable route with the best dog shampoo around, Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve’s Honey & Oats Dog Shampoo Bar. This soap moisturizes dry, itchy skin with shea butter and helps naturally repel ticks and fleas with a blend of organic essential oils.  

Sustainable Shout-Out: Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve sources ingredients from local farmers and small businesses to shorten the supply chain and slash their carbon footprint. 

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4. No-Hide Venison Dog and Cat Stix - Earth Animal

Price: $10.50 | 10-piece bag

Get your pet’s mouth watering for the exciting, unique flavor of Earth Animal’s No-Hide Venison Dog and Cat Stix. Made with real meat from humanely raised, free-range, grass-fed deer, these chew sticks swap the rawhide for natural, easy-to-digest ingredients that won’t hurt their bellies. 

Sustainable Shout-Out: Veterinarians started Earth Animal to ensure they source all their animal-based ingredients from humane and ethical farms that treat animals with compassion.

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5. Silver Carp Daily Dog Food - Chippin

dog eating chippin dog food in a metal bowl on floor

Price: $27.99 | 56 oz. bag

Chippin is helping with the silver carp overpopulation problem that has been negatively affecting freshwater ecosystems by using the fish in their great-tasting, nutritious food. The Silver Carp Daily Dog Food is full of omega-3 fatty acids and other valuable vitamins your dog needs. Plus, they’re oven-baked into perfectly sized bites they’ll love.   

Sustainable Shout-out: Chippin donates to local and national environmental justice organizations that help with climate change.

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6. Herring & Mackerel Rustic Blend Wet Cat Food - Open Farm

Price: $2.79 | 1 can

Your kitty will be eating like a king with Open Farm’s Herring & Mackerel Rustic Blend Wet Cat Food. This fabulous fishy feast is filled with sustainable, wild-caught herring and mackerel and 100% human-grade superfoods and veggies. Plus, Open Farm skips the artificial flavors and fillers so you can feel confident about serving good food to your furry friend. 

Sustainable Shout-Out: Nearly all of their fruits and vegetables are sourced from local growers to lower their environmental impact.

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7. Grooming Wipes - Earth Rated

Price: $9.99 | 1 pack of 100 wipes

No time for bath time? Freshen that filthy fur in a flash with pet grooming wipes from Earth Rated. These vegan, plant-based wipes are infused with a cool, hypoallergenic formula of aloe, chamomile, shea butter, and cucumber that are perfect for pets with sensitive skin. You don’t need water, so if you’re on the go, these wet wipes for dog paws come in handy for a quick cleanup.

Sustainable Shout-out: Earth Rated’s Grooming Wipes are compostable.

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8. Venison Shank Dog Chew - ZIWI 

Price: $13.89 | 3.3 oz. chew

ZIWI’s Venison Shank Dog Chews are amazing rawhide alternatives that your pooch will be stoked to sink their teeth into. The appetizing venison shank is wrapped in beef that will absolutely blow your canine’s mind. Did we mention that this chew is great for your dog’s oral and dental health?

Sustainable Shout-out: ZIWI uses only wild-caught, sustainable seafood.



9. Beef, Cheddar & Veggies Pâté Wet Dog Food - The Honest Kitchen

Price: $22.29 | 6 pack

Treat your dog to this delicious, human-grade, Beef, Cheddar & Veggies Pâté Wet Dog Food from The Honest Kitchen. With a recipe cooked up by an actual gourmet chef, your pup will think they’re royalty. You can also use it as a topper to add excitement to any meal!

Sustainable Shout-Out: Almost half of the products at The Honest Kitchen use solar energy during production, with a goal to keep increasing that number. 

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10. Herbal Skin Relief Balm for Cats & Dogs - Earth Animal

sustainable pet product earth animal jar of skin relief balm

Price: $16.00 | 2 oz jar

No one wants to see their furry friends feeling uncomfortable. This versatile Herbal Skin Relief Balm for Cats & Dogs by Earth Animal can soothe dry toe beans, itchy skin, bug bites, and more. Made with non-toxic ingredients, this skin balm for dogs and cats is safe for pet licks. 

Sustainable Shout-out: Earth Animal measures and tracks their carbon footprint and limits employee travel to keep their commitment to offsetting their carbon impact.

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11. Wild-Caught Salmon Grain-Free Cat Food - Open Farm

Price: $28.99 | 4 lb. bag

Your kitty will go crazy for this crunchy kibble. Open Farm’s protein-packed Wild-Caught Salmon Grain-Free Cat Food features fresh fish fused with fruits and veggies like cranberries, pumpkin, and garbanzo beans for a flavor that will make your feline freak out. You can also trace the origins of the fish from the unique code on each bag.   

Sustainable Shout-out: Open Farm works with One Tree Planted to help global reforestation.

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12. Goat's Milk Daily Booster for Dogs & Cats - The Honest Kitchen

Price: $14.69 | 5.2 oz. container

Want to keep your pet’s belly and digestion on point? Goat’s milk has tons of probiotics so this daily booster from The Honest Kitchen will do the trick. Mix a scoop with water and top off their sustainable pet food for a daily boost to their immune system.

Sustainable Shout-Out: 61% of The Honest Kitchen’s packaging is made from renewable materials and uses only fully-recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable materials (including paper certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative).

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13. Poop Bags 300 Bag Roll - Earth Rated

Price: $14.99 | 300 bag roll

Scoopin’ poop isn’t the best part about owning a pet but it’s gotta be done. These extra-long sustainable dog poop bags help protect your hands during the unpleasant pick-up portion of the walk. 

Sustainable Shout-out: Earth Rated uses recycled materials in their packaging and recyclable paper spools for their poop bag rolls instead of plastic.

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14. Omega & Probiotic Sprinkles for Cats - Because, Animals

Price: $21.60 | 4.4 oz. bag

Help support your cat's digestion with these Omega & Probiotic Sprinkles from Because, Animals. This vegan supplement is stuffed with seven kinds of nutrient-rich seaweed and other fruits and vegetables to keep your cat on top of their game. Oh, and it makes their coat super soft and sleek.

Sustainable Shout-out: Because, Animals donates to nonprofits that help fund research for animal agriculture alternatives.

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15. Roasted Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato Baked Dog Food - Petaluma

petaluma sustainable pet products Roasted Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Baked Dog Food

Price: $33.49 | 5 lb. bag

Give your pup a peanut butter and potato delight with this plant-based dog food from Petaluma. These crunchy bites are oven-baked to lock in the flavor and nutrients that are otherwise lost during traditional “extreme heat” processing. High in protein, fiber, and flavor, your dog will be ecstatic when they hear the scoop hit their bowl. 

Sustainable Shout-out: Petaluma is a member of 1% for the Planet, which means they donate one percent of their sales to organizations that promote sustainable agriculture and food insecurity. 

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16. Air-Dried Free-Range Chicken Recipe for Cats - ZIWI

Price: $27.59 | 14 oz. bag

Your cat deserves the best kibble and ZIWI's Air-Dried Free-Range Chicken Recipe for Cats is at the top of that list. Made from free-range chicken and green mussels (and no artificial preservatives), this convenient scoop-and-serve sustainable cat food is everything your cat wants for dinner. Bonus: Green mussels contain natural compounds that boost joint health and mobility.  

Sustainable Shout-out: ZIWI implements solar power and water recycling in their production and also plants gardens to help bees and other wildlife thrive.



17. Minced Chicken in Bone Broth Gravy Wet Cat Food - The Honest Kitchen

Price: $35.89 | 12 pack

Your cat will love the texture and flavor of this Minced Chicken in Bone Broth Gravy Wet Cat Food from The Honest Kitchen. Loaded with cranberries to promote a healthy urinary tract, it also features omegas and other wholesome ingredients while leaving out preservatives, fillers, and artificial flavoring. When you’re done with the last can, the box can be repurposed as a clubhouse for your cat.

Sustainable Shout-Out: The Honest Kitchen is certified by the Global Animal Partnership and uses only humanely raised free-range chickens in their pet food.

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18. Canine Duck Formula Freeze-Dried Nuggets - Primal Pet Foods

Price: $45.99 | 14 oz. bag

Primal Pet Foods develops formulas specifically to tap into your dog’s primal feeding instincts. With their Duck Formula, they use duck meat and crushed bone powder to mimic how they eat in the wild. After their primordial feast, you can rub their belly and toss around their squeaky toy.

Sustainable Shout-out: Primal Pet Foods ensures that they raise all animal ingredients humanely and ethically, and their fruits and vegetables are from sources that practice organic farming.

Shop Primal Pet Foods


19. Healthy Digestion Nutritional Supplement for Cats & Dogs - Earth Animal

Price: $27.00 | 8 oz. jar

Digestion problems with your pet are no fun. The formulation of probiotics, enzymes, and more in Earth Animal’s Healthy Digestion Nutritional Supplement for Cats & Dogs can help keep your pet’s pH levels balanced and digestion normal. Just scoop the appropriate amount twice daily and your fur baby’s belly will be good to go.

Sustainable Shout-out: Earth Animal is an ICON member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, working with companies to drive change and improvement to sustainability in the pet product industries.

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20. Dog Paw Salve - Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve

sustainable pet products chagrin valley soap dog paw salve

Price: $12.95 | 2 oz. can

For paw pads that get beaten up by seasonal elements, this Dog Paw Salve by Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve can help soothe the discomfort. If your dog is a paw-licker, no worries! All of the ingredients are non-toxic and chemical free, with jojoba oil and calendula as the stars.

Sustainable Shout-Out: All packaging for Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve products are over 99% plastic-free.

Shop Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve


21. Grandma Ada's Turkey & Yams Wet Dog Food Meal - Portland Pet Food Company

Price: $6.99 | 9 oz. bag

Make it doggie Thanksgiving year-round with Grandma Ada's Turkey & Yams Wet Dog Food Meal from Portland Pet Food Company. This 100% human-grade supplement or meal topper comes with all the fixin’s — turkey, green beans, yams, cranberries, and more! The best part? There are absolutely no artificial ingredients, preservatives, antibiotics, or hormones. 

Sustainable Shout-out: Portland Pet Food Company is a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition and is recognized as a top 20 pet food company for their sustainability efforts.

Shop Portland Pet Food Company


22. Turkey & Pumpkin Stew Dog Food Topper - The Honest Kitchen

Price: $26.89 | 12 pack

Your dogs will think these pour-overs are people food. This Turkey & Pumpkin Stew Dog Food Topper by The Honest Kitchen is 100% human-grade, so they aren’t wrong. With a luscious mix of turkey, vegetables, and fruit, your doggo is sure to gobble it down in a jiffy.

Sustainable Shout-Out: Their foods are 100 percent human-grade, non-GMO, chemical, and preservative-free.

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23. Clean Ears Herbal Ear Wash for Cats & Dogs - Earth Animal

Price: $20.00 | 4 oz. bottle

Your pet’s ear health is more important than you think. Clean Ears Herbal Ear Wash for Cats & Dogs by Earth Animal is a gentle solution that helps with wax buildup and calms inflammation. It can also help heal infections and lessen ear pain.

Sustainable Shout-out: Earth Animal donates 1% of their sales to sustainable organizations that support a better quality of life for people and animals. 

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24. Grass-Fed Beef Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food - Open Farm

Price: $9.99 | 3.5 oz pack

Raw feeding can be great for your dog but figuring it out might be hard. Open Farm makes it easy with their Grass-Fed Beef Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food, made from grass-fed and finished beef, organic fruits and vegetables, and nutritious oils. It’s easy: just scoop and add water and your pooch has a superfood-packed, raw meal ready to go.

Sustainable Shout-out: Open Farms offsets their carbon emissions by preserving grasslands that are essential for the planet’s carbon cycle, climate regulation, and protection of animals.

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25. Air-Dried Lamb Recipe For Dogs - ZIWI

Price: $28.79

ZIWI keeps it simple with this single-protein, air-dried lamb recipe. They use high-quality, grass-fed, free-range lamb that helps with food sensitivities. Don’t be baaa-shful and pick up a pack and get your dog’s taste buds fired up. 

Sustainable Shout-out: ZIWI BPA-free cans are recyclable.



26. Duck-Tato Jerky Dog Treats - Shameless Pets

shameless pets sustainable pet products dog standing next to duck-tato jerky treats on sidewalk

Price: $6.99 | 5 oz. bag

People love jerky but dogs go crazy for it. Shameless Pets’ Duck-Tato Jerky Dog Treats not only use cage-free duck, they also use upcycled sweet potatoes. Cinnamon is also a featured ingredient that boosts digestive support. 

Sustainable Shout-out: Shameless Pets uses 30% upcycled fruits and vegetables in their products which helps lower their carbon footprint.

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27. Perfectly Plain Kelp Jerky Dog Treat - Earth Animal

Price: $10.00 | 3.5 oz. bag

Seaweed is a superfood and one of the most sustainable foods out there. What you might not know is that dogs absolutely love it. Perfectly Plain Kelp Jerky Dog Treat by Earth Animal serves up a simple seaweed snack that your dog will love. It’s also great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Sustainable Shout-out: Earth Animal strictly follows the Five Domains of Animal Welfare to ensure the beef, chicken, pork, and fish ingredients are free-roaming and vegetarian-fed.

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28. 100% Pure Pork Dog Treats - Olympia Provisions

Price: $12.99 | 6 oz. package

Just when you think you’ve found your dog’s favorite treat, Olympia Provisions drops their pork sausages. These 100% Pure Pork Dog Treats are human-grade and made with a limited number of high-quality ingredients. Get ready for your dog’s new obsession! 

Sustainable Shout-out: Olympia Provisions uses every part of the pig which results in no waste and a low carbon footprint.

Shop Olympia Provisions 


29. Cod & Strawberries Superfood Crisps for Dogs - The Honest Kitchen

Price: $12.79 | 3 oz. bag

Fish and strawberries are the new peanut butter and bananas. Two flavors that don’t sound like they should go together but totally work. Dogs love the textures and flavors, and with only two ingredients, you’ll feel amazing giving these Cod & Strawberries Superfood Crisps to your doggo. 

Sustainable Shout-Out: The Honest Kitchen uses only wild-caught fish that are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. 

Shop The Honest Kitchen


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