What's In Our Camping Bag?

What's In Our Camping Bag?


Alpine Start
 Instant Coffee with Coconut Creamer

“I like to pack as lightly as possible, so these instant coffee packets are perfect with vegan coconut creamer already mixed in. No need to pick up milk or creamer – just boil some water, stir the instant coffee in, and enjoy!”



Singing Pastures Pineapple Roam Sticks & Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars

“For our hikes, I brought two super-transportable snacks – savory and sweet. Singing Pasture’s roam sticks are not only delicious, but they practice regenerative agriculture, which actually improves soil health. I like that the granola bars by Kate’s Real Food are made with simple ingredients I recognize.”



Project 7 Gummy Bears

“For the sweet side of things, I always go for Project 7 gummy bears. They use a low-sugar recipe and no artificial ingredients, and they taste just as good (or better) than your typical gummy snack. The all natural ingredients mean more energy for hiking without any sugar crash after.”



lor tush Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

“Did you know that toilet paper is made from trees and can lead to the degradation of forests? I’ve recently swapped my store-bought TP for Lor Tush tree-free toilet paper (and yes, I packed it for my trip!). They make their 3-ply TP out of bamboo, which grows faster than trees, and doesn't need pesticides or fertilizer to grow.”



Hive Box Geami Paper

“To get a fire going, I like to use leftover Geami paper from my most recent Hive box as kindling. The recycled material is a great substitute for newspaper and works just as well, plus it helps cuts down on waste by utilizing something that would have gone in the recycling bin.”



TerraCycle® Envelope

“At home, I’m big on using TerraCycle®, but when we’re on the road, I make do with a leftover Quinn’s bag. Having a designated “envelope” to keep all my non-recyclable packaging is a great way to ensure I’m not leaving any trash behind, and makes it easier to transfer into my TerraCycle® envelope when I get home.”



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