Utensil Set - Blush

W&P Utensil Set - Blush

Utensil Set - Blush

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Carrying a used spoon, much less a fork, in your bag is asking for mess or, shall we say, poorly-placed prongs. But with this sleek sleeve and utensil set, you can have your cutlery and eat (with) it too

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We know single-use cutlery is wasteful, but it’s not like we go around carrying spoons, forks, and knives in our pockets…right? But that's exactly what this lightweight utensil set wants you to do. Its silicone carrying case is smooth on bags and hands, durable on forks and knives, and super bendy for easy removal, and its stainless steel silverware is BPA-free and a snap to keep clean.

W&P's functionable, reusable storage containers cut down on plastic waste and support food education in NYC schools.
Each set contains a stainless steel knife, fork and spoon that are 7" (L) x 1.75" (W) x .01" (H). The Silicone carrying case measures 7.5" (L) x 2" (W) x 0.5" (H).

The laminated outer packaging should be thrown away for now, but W&P is working on recyclable options.
These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

Hive Five™ Certified

No need to guess what's in your food or how it was made. Our experts vet every product for ingredient integrity, responsible sourcing, and great taste using our own criteria called the Hive Five.

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How it does good

Innovating food storage for a healthier planet

Less than 1 in 7 plastic bags are recycled, which means, if they don’t end up directly in an animal’s home (or stomach), they end up in a landfill, where chemicals from microplastics, dyes, and more damage soil and groundwater. Even plastics that are recycled can add to carbon footprints by requiring larger, more frequent collections. With BPA-free materials and plastic alternatives, made to be used, then reused, W&P is making it practical, affordable, and, most importantly, sustainable to store foods and drinks. To make their products, they choose partners who follow environmentally responsible practices. They also work with brands in their community on initiatives to enhance their eco-friendly practices and pass on what they’ve learned.

  • BPA Free