2022 In Review

2022 In Review

What do you want to accomplish in 2023?

We like to think of January as the Super Bowl of Sustainability (wait… maybe that’s Earth Month). Either way, it’s a time of re-thinking habits, setting goals or resolutions and reflecting on the previous year. While we’re not really here for things like toxic wellness culture and perfectionism, we’re big fans of reflection and intentions. And we love hearing about all of your Sustainability resolutions. 

Let’s start by checking on our impact through 2022. 

You (our Hive community) have done a lot. 

You’ve made over 700,000 sustainable swaps through Hive. We talk about this a lot, but want to explain what we mean. Our goal is to get as many people swapping out the consumables they bring into their homes (food, cleaning supplies, beauty or personal care items – anything that we buy over and over again) from less sustainable, ‘meh’ options to vetted-for-sustainability-and-impact ‘HELL YES’ options. So that means you guys swapped over 700,000 meh options for hell yes options. That’s a choice we can get behind again and again and again and… you get it.

You kept the Hive thrivin’. 

You gave us over 9,500 5-star reviews. You helped us ship over 10,000 monthly sustainability deliveries - that means more and more of you are making Hive a habit. Suddenly, your impact goes from one-and-done to exponential.

Together, we’re able to keep Hive shipments fully carbon neutral. We’ve offset over 300 tons of carbon emissions. While imperfect, this is a step in the right direction towards getting our collective carbon footprint down.

And we worked together to get over 100,000 pieces of plastic packaging out of the landfill. As you know, the majority of this can’t be recycled conventionally, so Terracycle helps us give all of that plastic packaging a chance at a second, upcycled life. 

In summary, go you. We’re always so inspired and in-awe of this planet-loving community. 

Here are a few things on our intention list for 2023– we hope you’ll stick with us because we’re better together.

  1. We are doubling down on making shopping with Hive better. That means major improvements to our site, our operations and our Monthly Sustainability Delivery (yes, we’re working hard on a lot of those funky site bugs and out of stocks). And more opportunities to celebrate you for all of your good choices. 
  2. We’re bringing you even more brands and products leading the way in sustainable, ethical practices. 
  3. We’re re-entering build mode – which means we will be able to recommit to our partners, our mission, and all of you. And we’re bringing a lot of new, exciting partners into the mix to help us bring our vision to reality. 
  4. We’re bringing you even more ways to make an impact with every choice you make. 

Now that we’ve spoken it into existence, we want to know… what are your intentions for 2023? We’d love to hear them. And if you’re looking to make sustainable groceries a habit this year – we’ve got you. 


Katie & team Hive

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