Making Sustainability a Habit that Sticks

Making Sustainability a Habit that Sticks

The myth of the “New Year, New You” mindset undermines a simple truth: The power to make change lies in our hands. We can’t undo what’s been done, only where we go from here. Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, Bee’s Wrap is all about starting small and, like the bees in a hive, working together for the greater good of the planet.  We believe the more small steps we make as individuals, the bigger our collective impact will be.

Moving away from plastics can be overwhelming. Bee’s Wrap looks to make it easy to ditch disposable plastic wrap and bags and switch to natural, reusable, and compostable alternatives. From storing ingredients and covering leftovers in the kitchen to packing sandwiches and sustainable snacks on the go, every item and task helps offset plastic and restore the planet.

Here are a few tips for making Bee’s Wrap a sustainable habit that sticks:  

  1. Start small: Pick just one item in your kitchen, like storing cheese or avocados, and make a conscious commitment to swapping single-use plastic wraps or bags with Bee’s Wrap.
  2. Keep your wraps in sight: To help enforce the habit, use a magnetized clip to hang them on your fridge, keep them folded on the counter, or placed in a drawer you regularly open.
  3. Try it for 30 days: The more we do something, the easier it becomes, to the point we don’t even think about it.   
  4. Take it from there: Once you’re in the habit of using Bee’s Wrap, add another eco-friendly product like a Swedish dish cloth or reusable dryer balls.

With regular use, every piece of Bee’s Wrap can replace roughly 240 plastic bags or 200 square feet of plastic wrap per year (Bee’s Wrap, 2020).  Multiply that by a million aspiring environmentalists all doing their small part and we’d keep 38,000 miles of plastic out of landfills and oceans. We can’t hit reset, but we can set the intention to work together to turn the tide on plastic pollution.

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