What's In Our Beach Bag?

What's In Our Beach Bag?

Little Hands Hawaii Face and Body Sunscreen SPF 35

Around 14,000 tons of toxic sunscreen enter the ocean each year. I love this sunscreen because it’s made with ocean-safe non-nano zinc oxide and locally sourced essential oils in fully curbside recyclable packaging.

Quinn Foods Maple Almond Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets

These pretzels are packed with mouthwatering almond butter and flavored with finger-licking maple sugar (yum!). On top of that, Quinn Foods offers the "Farm-To-Bag" traceability system that allows me to trace all the ingredients of my delicious snack. The pretzels are also made with sorghum, a naturally gluten-free grain that requires less water than other grains to grow. 


Pipsnacks Salted Heirloom Corn Mini Popcorn

Love at first salty crunch, this popcorn gives movie theater popcorn a run for its money. Pipsnacks sources their Non-GMO heirloom corn from family-owned U.S. farms and utilizes 99.9% of the corn they purchase to limit their waste. Their heirloom corn also has more nutrition than commercially grown popcorn, including fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. 


Nixie Lime Ginger Sparkling Water

This sparkling water’s lime ginger flavor makes you feel like you're sipping on a freshly stirred mojito—one you can legally share with your kids! Nixie never contains synthetic solvents, carriers, or artificial preservatives, and they're Non-GMO, USDA Organic, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. 

Zip Top Reusable Food Storage 

I love these containers because they make transporting my fruit, veggies, and pretzels easy without using single-use plastic. The average family can use up to 2,000 plastic bags a year, and Zip Top created a sustainable solution with their infinitely reusable container made of the highest grade silicone right here in the U.S.

Already planning your next dip in the sea? We don't blame you. Queue your favorite tunes and stock up on every summer essential at our Beach Bag Shop

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